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Firstlight Broadcasting Newsletter

I am sure that as we watch the momentous prophetic events taking place in the present world, we can only exclaim: ‘What an amazing time to be worki

Come hear a timely message by Pastor David Gates!

PAMAS News: Charms, Strings, and Witchcraft

As we closed our visit with a special prayer, we heard a loud clunk and saw that Angelica had been suddenly thrown to the floor.

The Story of Four Amazing Women (English, Spanish, Portuguese)

Meet four women. The two youngest died. One escaped from North Korea 3 times. The fourth has only half a body.

Reviving Medical Aviation in Venezuela

One project that our arch-enemy could not stop back then was a work that God Himself had begun amongst the indigenous people of the Gran Sabana by sen

ELDA MADAI MINISTRY Report (Spanish & English)

I was still sweeping in the bathroom with the door almost closed completely and suddenly heard a deafening gunshot! And then I heard things flying nea

Guyana Mission Report: Disappearing 9000 Feet over the Caribbean

My first inkling that something wasn’t right was when the Trinidad Radar Controller asked me to “recycle my transponder”.

What to do about hungry people?

“Is this Grenada Family Network, the Christian radio station?” said the pleasant sounding woman on the phone.

Bolivia Mission Aviation Report

As we neared the first checkpoint, we were all uneasy. The taxi driver was visibly nervous, even more so after hitting a cat on the dark road.

Guyana Mission Report: It’s the Devil!

It’s the Devil!!! I watched quietly as the tractor drove toward the plane, with one lone patient jostling around on the crude wooden platform on the