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Turning Wrenches… Still

Life here in Bolivia is a lesson in patience. We make our plans and they never seem to go as we planed.

Guyana Mission Report: Hit by the Dreaded “C”

As I was scanning through my Yahoo inbox, I a new unopened email caught my eye.

Siparuta Mission Academy 2015 Report

The last week of school was an emotional one as the students and staff said goodbye to one of the toughest semesters in the school’s history.

Light Channel Bulgaria

TV Network: Light Channel Bulgaria Website:  Light Channel Bulgaria TV Network For more information on this project please contact Light Ch

Light Channel Danish

TV Network: Light Channel Danish Website:  Light Channel Danish TV Network For more information on this project please contact Light Chann

A Christmas Surprise!

There is so much joy in the Christmas season, but this year there seems to be a dash of extra joy in our home.

Guyana Mission Report: What Do You See?

This last week someone caught me off guard with a most interesting question.

PAMAS News: New Mission Planes

We arrived in Loma Linda 2 weeks ago and I attended the Robinson Helicopter maintenance course in Torrance while Wendy stayed with her brother and fam


Beloved Child Adventist School – Bulgaria

Our purpose is the harmony and beauty in nature to infuse into the relationship between students and their teachers.

HCBN Report: Gestures of Grace Relief Operation at Isla Gigantes

On November 8, 2015 will mark the 2nd anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.