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Two New E-books

The Mission Heritage of Gospel Ministries International When our own homes are what they should be, our children will not be allowed to grow up in

An Unlikely Defender

“What? Ooh no!” It was a face-palm moment: yet another numbskull move to mark against my name!

365 Days of Blessings – GMI 2014 Newsletter

GREETINGS FROM UNCLE DAVID My dear brothers and sisters in Jesus, Earlier this year I was walking the main street of a jungle town in Peru.

PAMAS News: Avgas Miracle

We had been talking about making a trip to Timor Leste for about a year. The plan was to fly our Piper Twin Comanche there from the Philippines.

PAMAS News: Helicopter matching funds reached!

Dear Friends and Family, We’ve always said that when God provides a helicopter it will be the biggest miracle yet.

TV Terceiro Anjo 2014 Newsletter

TV Terceiro Anjo has had an exciting year indeed.



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Guyana Aviation Maintenance – Anderson

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Claim Your Inheritance

* Featured Image: A young Kurdish girl such as those being forced to flee for their lives from extremists in Syria and Iraq.

China Turk

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