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Tsushima Volunteer Mission Report – May Update

Dear Family and Friends It’s been a few weeks since the catastrophic earthquakes hit the western part of Japan where we have been working.

Serbia-Croatia Health – Vrgoc

More info coming soon.

A Brave Soldier Falls Asleep Till Jesus Comes

  I remain humbled and overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support for our family over the last months.

PAMAS News: Planting in Drought

It’s been a few months since we came to Palawan to work on some maintenance of the aircraft.

Tsushima Volunteer Mission Report – Breaking News

Last night in Japan we had a strong earthquake which was M6.5.

Advent Missions

  The angel of Revelation 14 presents a message that is to be proclaimed to the world just before Christ comes in the clouds of heaven.

News from Familia Feliz!

I have been a volunteer at Famila Feliz Orphanage for less than four months. My life has been more than changed.

PAMAS News: Walk by Faith

The amazing thing about a faith ministry is that you’re stepping into the Red Sea every month.

God Has Been Good!

Ready or Not Here We Go! Time is flying as we are almost at the beginning of the new school year.

Guyana Mission Report: God’s Gift of 24 Minutes

My silver van bounced wildly over the potholes in the hospital parking lot as I pounded the steering wheel in frustration.