Grenada IT Support


Mission Project: Jonathan and Jennifer Burishkin, with their little Elizabeth, are going to Grenada as volunteers to help run a Christian TV/radio station which broadcasts the Gospel, Bible prophecy, health and wellness, inspirational music, and many other programs. They want to reach out with a literature ministry and also start a community garden for the missionary families on the island. They are supported by donations and have built an e-mail list with many people who want to be kept updated on the project.




How to Get Updtes on the Mission Project:

  • To get regular mission updates, please send them your e-mail address using one of the following:
  • They are also on Facebook, Skype and WhattsApp.

How to Help Support the Mission Project:

Jonathan, Jennifer and Elizabeth Burishkin’s current mission project is called “Grenada IT Support”. They are volunteering everything in God’s service to share His love with others, and if you would like to help support their missionary endeavors, you may make a donation in several ways, as follows:

  • To donate by check through Gospel Ministries International, please include a separate note stating that your gift is for “Grenada IT Support”. Your gifts are tax deductible and no bank/transfer fees are taken from them.  100% of your gifts are sent to Jonathan and Jennifer Burishkin’s mission project.   The address is:
    • Gospel Ministries International , PO Box 506 , Collegedale, TN 37315
  • To donate with any credit card, call: (423) 473-1841

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