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Kisiikids Orphanage Home


Mission Project: Kisiikids Orphanage home was started in the year 2009 with 4 orphans and from there up to date has grown up to 115 orphans . Besides orphans we also care for vulnerable children, those who are abandoned and also it has become as a refugee center for those young girls who want protection from the FGM ( Female Genital Mutilation).


We are currently located at Isebania Migori County.Our main forcus and aim is to produce an all round knowledge for these kids and at the same time become a center of the same through practical and True Education.


However we are facing the following challenges:

  1. There is need for a well fence and gates.
  2. Raise better structures unlike the present temporal ones.
  3. Ggood drainage and water tanks,.
  4. Payment for the 24 Staffs including teachers.
  5. Lightenig aresters etc.
  6. Kitchen wares , utensils, dinning tables, chairs etc.
  7. Tex books, deskd, tables in each classroom.
  8. Latrines for both boys and girls etc.
  9. Farm tools e,g holes, slashers, racks, for the children to use during gardening.
  10. Also we request for willing volunteers in Agriculture, Tailoring, and other skills.


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