TV Terceiro Anjo 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

TV Terceiro Anjo has had an exciting year indeed. In 2014 we published 10,000 books Missão Piloto (Mission Pilot) and more than one hundred new videos. We went to Camporees, Congresses and other events to stay tuned with our beloved church, and we also re-designed our website with a tailored theme.

Right now we have 4 full-time missionaries, and around 10 part-time, that work from their homes. We are located at Unasp, the main seminary of the SDA church in Brazil, where we have many interesting people that contribute some way or the other; the Union Conference is only 7 miles away.














With 1000 users per day, we have much visibility with our prophetic bulletins, covering the last prophetic developments in Rome and the USA. The main pastor of the University church has presented them, so far.

Here the story of Valdomiro, who is coming to record his testimony in a few weeks.

“Before I was a full-blown atheist, crazy for soccer (I used to play every day, a huge collection of medals and cups; I watched games everyday, European and Brazilian league), addicted in beer and vine, a meat-eater, eagerly reading universal and philosophical literature, rock-lover, movie-lover, long hair, using jewelry, and many tattoos… and so on. Now everything is changed, completely. Step by step Jesus changed me through His Word, and the many sermons I watched through Terceiro Anjo: Veith, Bohr, Gates, Maiza, Batchelor, Ivor… Today I am a creationist, there is no soccer anymore in my life, my altar of medals is gone, TV subscription cancelled, juice and water in place of beer and vine, I am a vegan now, 20kg thinner, my precious books are burned, as well as the CDs and DVDs with rock music, and I finally also legalized my marriage.”

This weekend we also met Nelson, who knows TV Terceiro Anjo only for 2 weeks and he is a changed man, buying a property in a rural area and joining other Adventist members that are doing the same.

The list would go on, but we are very grateful for God’s blessings all around. A blessed 2015 for all of you, and lets pray for uncle David, that he may stay strong in the Lord, as we await for God’s timing.


Sergio Eduardo de Oliveira
++55 19 9870 4871

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