1. Jana Alva on January 19, 2020 at 7:55 pm

    Good evening. My name is Jana and I have attempted to complete the volunteer form. However there are a lot of areas that i am unable to complete as the information required for me personally is too old, ie: date of baptism, name of pastor that preformed(I was 9years old). Resume—references( I am retired, most of my references have died recently), the 2 I can use don”t have email accounts. Is there an easier or more user friendly application. I have been donating to this organization as well as following for years. I love the Lord and want to do HIS service as HE is coming soon, and if I can be of help or encouragement to others for HIS glory I am willing. I am a recently retired Nurse(have done it all), have been on numerous medical/building/ministry projects throughout the years so as now have more time and availability to serve I am willing to volunteer. My husband was from PERU for which we traveled extensively exploring as well as helping others. My spanish is very limited but willing to learn. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. Looking forward to your coorespondence

    • Jenny Greenlaw on July 29, 2021 at 5:24 pm

      Greetings Sister Jana,
      Please send your correspondence to info@gospelministry.org.
      Thank you!

  2. James b. Mathieu on November 4, 2020 at 11:18 am

    Dear brother Gates, good morning and Happy Sabbath! I just came across your wonderful message, titled “The Wise Shall Understand;” and I love every bit of it!!! It was such a blessed breath of fresh air, to hear that, unlike the many within our midst who feels that there’s nothing more to lean from the Holy Scriptures, and would possibly shun-away those of the last days who lives to serve the Lord; to the point of not wanting to hear what sweet word as that of honey in the mouth but bitter in the stomach of a good-news, yet warning also we have brough as messengers of the Lord to His bride, whom should be getting ready; because “The Bridegroom is Coming indeed! But you my brother, despite it all, and the oppositions, you are willing by God’s Grace, to open the Gates of mercy, O David: “man after God’s own heart”/mind, to help at giving the many like myself a chance to fulfill our calling: taking part in the Loud Cry, which is one of the final work to be done prior to the close of probation on the foolish virgins.

    Praise the Lord, and thank you in advance. I am James b Mathieu; born and raised a 7th-Day Adventist, but first and far most a sinner saved by God’s wonderful Grace and precious love-gift, of His Son Jesus The Christ, our Savior. Now my brother, if you meant every word you uttered by that timely message that I just saw; please reply and let us connect and come together, because I most certainly do have a present truth and timely message for the Church and the Bride as God’s people. The message entails what we ought to do in the last days as the body of Christ, as per honoring/fearing God and giving Him the Glory that is due unto Him(1st angel); in order to receive God’s full protection against the future onslaught.

    This is very important; for it has to do with something in Scripture we have neglected for far too long, and “the rooster will be coming home to roost” against us, having been partial in the Word and taking this thing as though it is a light thing; but all the words of God is pure, and nothing is to be rejected; regardless how trivial it may seem to some. The Phoenician woman(gentile/church) that was considered even as a dog, was willing to eat-up crumbs off the floor which fell from “the king’s table.”

    I ventured out, walking away from all I owned, trying to be a missionary for the first time from since about four-years ago, volunteering and helping-out wherever I could, though that was after having been given 3-messages for our people, of which, not only have I been trying to get some of our “qualified elders” to first look into them for possible suggestions, their wise counsel and editorial help etc.. that it may be presented to the Church in the very best manner possible, in respect also towards Christ and His Bride; but so far it has been to no avail. And since the beginning of this year 2020, before all the madness started, I’ve been here in Maryland, some distance away from the Silver Spring SDA Headquarter, and tried to present this message to a gentleman at the Conference’s Bible Research Department; but that man didn’t think much of what I showed to him then; I even went to the SDA Columbia University to meet with a Dr. Scur, but he too was in some sort of rush to go somewhere overseas and could not devote any time to what I wanted to share with him; and so on, and on, and on it has been.

    My intention was to go register these manuscripts at the library of Congress while I’m here, prior to publishing them, but still, not only do I not have the means to do that; but have also this strong impression upon me to persevere with the hope to come across some God-fearing soul that would listen, and then perhaps help me take things to the next step, at moving forward, in receiving these dew-drops for the purpose of Restoration in the body.

    There are so much more to my journey and experience pertaining this project I could share with you dear brother, but right now, I’m in a hampered /difficult situation: I have no mode of transportation, no phone and no funds; I do not have any social media accounts, for I refrain myself to the best of my ability from volunteering personal information online, seeing and understanding the time in which we’re living in today. After having helped a gentleman to relocate from out of his home, he allowed me to have access to a small office pace in which I also now stay-in and to sleep; which is about two blocks away from The Breath of Life SDA Church in Fort Washington, MD. But prior to meeting this guy, I stayed a little while at the Silver Spring Shelter, to complete an experiment which involve documenting how strangers and visitors are treated nowadays in our congregations.

    My project and manuscripts are completed and ready to be taken to the next level; and they are of a sensitive and some-what controversial nature, which could possibly stir-up a righteous stirring in the Church; and cannot send them over to anyone via e-mail, because they were written with an older version of MS-Word for security purposes. But, if possible, brother David, seeing that you reside quite a distance away in Tennessee, and may not be able to meet me, even at the Breath of Life SDA Church; if you’re interested in seeing these documents, which I too will have greatly appreciate your interest in them, and working with you, into bring this project into fruition for the edification of the Church; if possible, could you at least have one of your possible contact in or near the Washington, DC are to meet-up with me? Someone who is willing to have a sit-down together to discuss these things; better yet, I would be more than willing to even come-down to meet you, except, as I mentioned before, I have no way of doing so to make that happen. Hence a person of your choosing, to meet with me would be fine as well; preferably someone savvy enough with computers who can possibly convert the document to a PDF format etc.. for transferring or mailing.

    So, dear brother Gates, please let me know your prayerful thoughts on this matter.

    Thanks again for your time; and may the Lord continue to be with you and bless you and family.

    Your brother in Christ, James b. Mathieu.

  3. Jana Konecna on November 19, 2021 at 3:52 pm

    Hi dear friends,
    if you want to add another GMI health project, uncle David helped us started in 2013 :
    Institute for health and family – Czech Republic. I sent you a year or two ago the description of our project and some photos, but if you couldn´t find it, I can send you a new description with new photos again.
    May our loving Father strengthen you and keep you in all we´re going to pass through.
    Jana K, LIGHT medical missionary school
    New start reconditioning programs
    City evangelism / Farm – agriculture
    Music ministry with (C.Freyman, J.Oriel, E.Abreu)
    Youtube: LIGHT Czech
    Whstsapp: 00421 732 267 771
    e-mail: info@ippoz.cz