Amazonina Medical Mission

Ozone Therapies for lesmaniasis, skin infections by mosquitoes or bacteria, improvement of patients with embolism or pre-embolism with movement problems and more treatments. Talks are given to groups and individuals, so that they learn different topics of health, social, spiritual (based on the bible) Voluntary community service, in coordination with the mayor’s office and some…

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Grenada Family Network Report – Spring 2021

It’s kite season in Grenada. Each year from around January to May the wind blows nearly every day. There is almost always a gentle breeze except for when there are tropical storms in the Atlantic which block the northeasterly trade winds, but the winter and spring months are kite season.

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Tsushima Volunteer Mission Report – May 2021

Spring has already arrived here, and cherry blossoms and rape seed blossoms can be seen everywhere.

This month, we had the graduation ceremony for my eldest daughter from elementary school, and I just want to thank God for meeting our needs and protecting and supporting us through many years. I really feel that God is always with us.

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Tsushima Volunteer Mission Report – January 2021

Greetings Friends,

God is still at work. Here on Tsushima Island, we had 9 patients with coronavirus last year, and fortunately, they were all discharged from the hospital. I am praying also that God protects you and your family from the coronavirus.

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Grenada Family Network Report – Year End 2020

In His Time He Make All Things Beautiful Hello dear friends, It’s been months since I have written much about the work in Grenada. It’s not been for lack of desire. For us, like many of you, this year has been full of trials and tribulations and finding time to write has been a challenge.…

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Uncle David’s 3rd Quarter Frontlines Report

About 4 months ago, while in Guyana, I had plans to go back to the U.S. to take care of some appointments and other work related issues. Right then, at the airport, when I was about to fly North, I got a phone call about the borders closing and the airports and all the transportation being shut down.

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Tsushima Volunteer Mission Report – August 2020

Normally in farming rain can be a good thing, however, as with many things in life too much of a good thing can have a negative result.

This year we had lots of rain and it created the environment that allowed more bugs to flourish. Even though I sprayed the trees with a pesticide to deter them, the bugs damaged about 2,000 peaches!

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Uncle David’s 2nd Quarter Frontlines Report

When I was 25 years old, I was called by the General Conference to go to three places and one of those places was Chiapas, Mexico. We got into the airplane with two daughters and landed close to the Clinic and School of “Bella Vista”.

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Uncle David’s 1st Quarter Frontlines Report

Greetings from Bolivia, South America. About 3 weeks ago, as I was on my way north for a speaking appointment in the U.S., I stopped in Brazil and Guyana to spend time with the team there and then planed on going on to Puerto Rico, Miami and Tennessee.

Along the way I heard that due to the virus that borders were closing and I decided to contact the people I had appointments with and they said “We believe that this may be a long term situation, and are praying about it. Please can we move these meetings to a later time?”

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