PAMAS Batangas Project

PAMAS Batangas Project will be the fourth airbase established by the Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services (PAMAS). It is a faith-based organization whose mission is to carry the great news of the Gospel to the world through the use of aviation and medical ministry. Davin Bennett , a pilot, and his wife, Irene are PAMAS…

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Uncle David’s August Newsletter

     We belong to an evangelical church but we decided to join you for Sabbath worship at the TV station today since my son has been watching your TV station at home,” said the lady as she and her little 11 year old son were leaving. “My husband died a few weeks ago from…

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Tsushima Volunteer Mission Report – August 2021

Hello, everyone.

We hope that all of you in the Lord are receiving daily encouragement from the Lord and are walking with joy even in the midst of difficult times. In Kyushu, it has been raining heavily like it does at the end of the rainy season. This normally does not happen at this time of the year, and there has been a lot of damage in many places in western Japan.

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Kimbia Mission Academy Report – Summer 2021

Hello, my brothers and sisters, this is our Guyana Mission Report for 2021. We are the Wills family and we have relocated to Guyana, South America on March 31, 2021, to permanently Volunteer as Medical Missionaries. We’d like to give you a little background about us, and what our plans are going forward with God’s work.

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Uncle David’s 2nd Quarter Frontlines Mission Report

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Family,  

     It matters where we look with our eyes and it matters what our hearts are focused on. Many have set their eyes on the world, on wealth and on self, and it isn’t helping them find true happiness. Where did Jesus focus His eyes? Always on His Heavenly Father. That gave Him courage and a clear understanding of His purpose.

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Amazonian Medical Mission

Ozone Therapies for lesmaniasis, skin infections by mosquitoes or bacteria, improvement of patients with embolism or pre-embolism with movement problems and more treatments. Talks are given to groups and individuals, so that they learn different topics of health, social, spiritual (based on the bible) Voluntary community service, in coordination with the mayor’s office and some…

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Grenada Family Network Report – Spring 2021

It’s kite season in Grenada. Each year from around January to May the wind blows nearly every day. There is almost always a gentle breeze except for when there are tropical storms in the Atlantic which block the northeasterly trade winds, but the winter and spring months are kite season.

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Tsushima Volunteer Mission Report – May 2021

Spring has already arrived here, and cherry blossoms and rape seed blossoms can be seen everywhere.

This month, we had the graduation ceremony for my eldest daughter from elementary school, and I just want to thank God for meeting our needs and protecting and supporting us through many years. I really feel that God is always with us.

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Tsushima Volunteer Mission Report – January 2021

Greetings Friends,

God is still at work. Here on Tsushima Island, we had 9 patients with coronavirus last year, and fortunately, they were all discharged from the hospital. I am praying also that God protects you and your family from the coronavirus.

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