A New European TV Network is Born!


Light Channel Italia Inauguration – A new European TV network is Born

By Uncle David Gates

On Friday, March 21, 2014, Television directors and technicians from across Europe gathered in Milan, Itlay to celebrate the birth of Light Channel Italia. The seventh of the European Light Channel networks to begin broadcasting. On Sabbath, March 22, Pastor Juan Surroca, Director of our Alfa Television Network in Spain, spoke twice at the Sexto San Giovanni SDA church. The site of the inaugural event was the convention center of the Hotel Klima, in Milan. We are thankful to the hotel administration gave us a very special price for the center and catered lunch for every one of the several hundred attendees.

I had the privilege of addressing the attendees in a morning and evening meeting. In between the meetings, Light Channel directors were asked to give a 15-30 minute presentation on their country and television network. It was very inspirational to hear the testimonies of God’s blessing and provision as each one shared details regarding the birth, operations, and exciting results of viewers in getting to know Jesus Christ as a personal Savior and in learning more about the Bible, Three Angels’ Messages and soon return of Christ in their mother tongue.

The total expenses for the event, including some travel assistance to some of the network directors, was 1504 Euros. The single offering collected at the end was almost exactly to the cent the amount needed to cover all expenses. God has fascinating ways of demonstrating his care and provision.

Please pray for Light Channel Italia, that all of Italy may soon have access to the good news of Jesus coming. Also, please remember the other networks already on the air, and those currently in the birth process. All the Light Channel family of networks and sister networks in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania, share the same philosophy of volunteerism, and the standards of sacred music straight preaching, the health message, and a sense of urgency.

We may being going through rough waters in our lives at times, and we can probably expect even more difficult days ahead, BUT REMEMBER,

  • The best days of the church are straight ahead.
  • Wake up! Don’t sleep now or you will miss the ship.
  • Put aside all worldly entertainment. Feed your mind on God’s word and the Spirit of Prophecy. Build your spiritual muscles.
  • Volunteer in God’s army of missionaries, either at home or abroad. You must be a missionary in reaching others if you expect to share in the reward.
  • Place all your resources and influence in God’s work while you still have liberty to do so.
  • Recognize that God is asking his people to let go, let go, let go and learn to trust God with your needs. You will need that trust experience if you are to survive the days ahead.


God bless you,

Uncle David

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