News from Scott and Min Sterling


We’ve been back at the school for almost 2 months. We arrived early to prepare and plan. It was a blessing to arrive early this time. Last year we joined at the end of 1st trimester. On one of the first Sabbaths we saw this double rainbow over our school. I’ve never seen one before. We took it as a sign of God’s protection and providence this year.

Sadly our cat was not here. She died while we were gone, probably from rat poison. So we found a kitty in town and brought her home. The shop keeper gave it for free. What a blessing.

One of the first jobs for everyone was to harvest the rice. The students planted it last year and it was already ripe. We had only a few weeks to harvest it before it fell and rotted. We even cancelled one day of class as the rice was falling to make sure to get it all in.

We started school as normal. We had an orientation day, and the first Sunday was also our school’s anniversary celebration so we had half a day of fixing up the school and then fun activities, a little music concert and a special meal.

In the last picture we are saying goodbye to Soledad. She graduated last year and is moving to Guyana to attend one of our missionary training schools. Our love and prayers go with her.

More has happened since I started writing this update, including an internet outage. Min is preparing a post to fill in the details.

God Bless,


Scott Sterling


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