Guyana Mission Report: No Substitute for Peace of Mind

Paruima airstrip

I learned a valuable lesson the other night about how to have peace of mind by listening to that small inner voice.

Last week I flew into Paruima village and parked the airplane in the usual spot down by the Kamarang river bank.

I vaguely noticed that the river was really high and the thought occurred to me that I probably should move the plane to the middle of the airstrip which which is up a gentle sloping hill.

But alas, I was exhausted and didn’t feel like hopping back in the plane and taxiing it up the hill.

But the whole boat trip from the airstrip back to our house my mind fretted about what might happen should the rain fall heavy one more night.

Almost on cue the sky opened up and poured buckets of rain soaking me to the bone. Now I was really worried.

I tried unsuccessfully to rationalize that everything would be alright in the morning. But the doubts simply wouldn’t go away.

Oh! Why hadn’t I moved the plane when I had the golden opportunity?? Now it was pitch black and I would have to do it alone without a good flashlight.

Fortunately I wasn’t alone in my anxiety. Elder Shadrach Reuben was worried about the Village’s new John Deere Tractor which was also at risk.

So Elder Shadrach came all the way up the muddy trail in the dark to the campus to pick up the boat and ask if I wanted to come along.

I jumped at the chance!

An hour later both airplane and tractor were safely on high ground and I felt a huge sense of relief.

As chance would have it, yesterday I flew into Paruima village late and the river was high once again but not as high as before.
Regardless I decided to play it safe and move the plane.

There is no substitute for peace of mind.

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