Flying by Faith – Davin Bennett

PAMAS Batangas Project will be the fourth airbase established by the Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services (PAMAS). It is a faith-based organization whose mission is to carry the great news of the Gospel to the world through the use of aviation and medical ministry.

Davin Bennett , a pilot, and his wife, Irene are PAMAS volunteers since 2018. Both of them are trained medical missionary workers from Wildwood, Georgia since 2011. They have volunteered in the PAMAS Palawan Project, and recently at the Northern Luzon project during the pandemic lockdown. Bennett has flown over 500 hours, transported over 200 patients, and with their medical missionary background, have helped train young people and local church members in medical missionary work.

After volunteering in these projects, they have accepted the challenge to pioneer an airbase which will be located in Southern Luzon.

Pioneering an airbase has its plethora of challenges, but they are already seeing God’s leadings towards the establishment of this project.

We solicit your prayers and your support for them along this journey of faith. For more information and progress, you can visit their website, Facebook page and Youtube channel: