Second Anniversary of Disappearance

Two years have now passed since Bob & Neiba Norton and the 5 others on the plane went missing on February 16, 2009. Not a day goes by without me missing my good friend. The search effort continues and is strong as new ideas and approaches have come into focus. Now with a team designing and building a search drone and another team working on the search investigation, mapping and planning, we have hope that when we return to Venezuela we will be able to locate the crash site. It is our plan to return after the rainy season this summer. To simply say thank you to the many team members who have come together to make this happen seems terribly insufficient. I can not express in words my true gratitude for those who have helped in the past and to those who are currently working to carry this search effort forward. God bless you for your dedication. Updates are posted regularly on our website: … and so we press ahead …

Bob Edwards

Adding to what Bob Edwards has shared I too would like to say thank you to all who continue to work toward finding answers to what happened two years ago today. I still miss Bob and Neiba a bunch. Their lives have inspired many to serve others in whatever way God leads. I can yet hear Bob’s words, “Do something to make a difference.” We can’t give up, not only regarding the search, but in whatever God has called us to. There are many lost in sin whom we need to find as well. In tribute to my brother Bob and his life of service let us rededicate our lives today to our God and hold high the banner of the cross, being faithful. The faithfulness of the search team in the task of finding Bob and the airplane has encouraged and inspired me. Thanks everyone for the care and support shown and for the prayers.

Barbara Norton Kay and family