St. Helena, CA FaithCamp Was a Blessed Time (Edited)

FaithCamp Lite in St. Helena was a beautiful and wonderful time where we sensed the Spirit moving in powerful ways through the messages and it was encouraging to see the response. People came from all over, one person even flying in from San Jose in his airplane. We had a Q&A Sabbath Evening and it went on ’till late.

We’ll have the audio files up soon and later the video files as well.


This week/weekend will be at St. Helena, California. We are really looking forward to presenting at the church Natalie and I got married in! What a change God has wrought in our lives since that day, what a journey it has been over the last 21 years! My only regret is that we didn’t give God full control earlier in our lives.

The schedule for this week will be:

Wednesday Evening, 7pm: Faith! presented by Jon Wood and Tim Maddocks.

Thursday Evening, 7pm: Christ-Likeness presented by Tim Maddocks

Friday Evening will be at the Angwin Village Church


Sabbath School: Jon Wood, Tim Maddocks

Church: Jon Wood & Tim Maddocks

2pm: Jon, Natalie, and Family

4pm: Steve Rawlings and Daniel Adams

7pm: Question & Answer Time

Hope to see you there!