Uncle David’s February Frontline Report

Uncle David’s Message

From the Andes Mountains – By David Gates

During the last two weeks I had the privilege of working in Colombia and Ecuador. What beautiful geography they have. Colombians are known for being very courteous and Ecuadorians for keeping their word.

These last two weeks have taught me many lessons. In Colombia the South Union President has a drive to fill the union with medical evangelism and media and called upon me to help with the media work. I was more than happy to do so. I am so grateful when the primary focus of leadership is the mission of the church and support of the members hard at work. Several mission plane loads of volunteers have resulted from that visit.

In Ecuador so many church members are wanting to work for the Lord. They awaited only an opportunity to meet together and coordinate efforts. I was greatly encouraged by their consecration and willingness to put all on the altar. While meeting with over 500 brothers and sisters, I shared the good news that very soon two of the largest cities of Ecuador will have 24/7 television coverage sharing the three angels’ messages and preparing people for Jesus’ soon coming. There was great joy at hearing of this miracle.

Wherever you are,  there is work to do. Perform it in humility and with all your might. Some fields are very challenging and others easier. But we are called to enter every field with the Good News. God will guide and direct you. Be not discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you everywhere you go.

From the Frontlines, Uncle David

Frontlines Mission News

Luxury Travel for Modern Missionaries

Grenada Family Network (GFN)

This is one of GMI’s Piper Twin Comanche airplanes. It may have two engines, but fast, roomy, or comfortable it is not. It’s humorously called the sardine express. Traveling in one of the GMI airplanes for hours over ocean and continent is not for the faint of heart or weak of bladder.

In September our good friends the Solomon’s came to Grenada to help us with the TV station for a few months. It has been such a blessing to have another experienced and dedicated missionary family to help bear the burdens!

After being in Grenada for about a year and a half we were really ready for a break from the heat, humidity, insects, dirt, and daily grind, so in November the Solomon’s graciously suggested that we go home for a while if the opportunity came to do so. To make a long story short, the opportunity did come and we suddenly found ourselves with one week to prepare to leave Grenada on December 1.

I have to confess that I had mixed feelings about the trip. It’s not that I didn’t want to go home, but being stuck on a small airplane with uncomfortable seats and no bathroom for up to six hours at a time was unappealing to say the least, but soon we were on our way ready or not.

As the airplane climbed out over St. George’s University, we settled in for the relatively short 3 hour flight to Puerto Rico. As Grenada receded into the distance and the seemingly endless blue of sky and sea stretched before us, I thought with some discontent over the events of the morning.

A few minutes before, as we arrived at the airport, we met our neighbors from ¼ mile down the road who are missionaries for another denomination. They also were preparing to return to the US for a short visit, but unlike us they would have the speed and comfort of a commercial fight. “Why should we who proclaim the truth of the Sabbath and the third-angel’s message, be obliged to travel in a slow, cramped, and noisy airplane while others get to travel in comfort?” I thought.

Resolving to make the best of it, I awkwardly reached into a carry-on bag under my feet and took out my morning devotional book, Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 1. In the busyness of getting ready to leave Grenada, it had been a couple days since I had read. I opened to the bookmark and began reading again of the experiences of James and Ellen White in the early days of their ministry.

For want of means we took the cheapest private conveyance, second-class cars, and lower-deck passage on steamers. In my feeble condition I found traveling by private conveyance most comfortable. When on second-class cars, we were usually enveloped in tobacco smoke, from the effects of which I often fainted. When on steamers, on lower deck, we suffered the same from the smoke of tobacco, besides the swearing and vulgar conversation of the ship hands and the baser portion of the traveling public. At night we lay down to sleep on the hard floor, dry goods boxes, or sacks of grain, with carpetbags for pillows, and overcoats and shawls for covering. If suffering from the winter’s cold, we would walk the deck to keep warm. When oppressed by the heat of summer, we would go upon the upper deck to secure the cool night air. This was fatiguing to me, especially when traveling with an infant in my arms. This manner of life was by no means one of our choosing. God called us in our poverty, and led us through the furnace of affliction, to give us an experience which should be of great worth to us, and an example to others who should afterward join us in labor.

Our Master was a man of sorrows; He was acquainted with grief; and those who suffer with Him will reign with Him…  Suffering has been the portion of the people of God from the days of the martyr Abel. The patriarchs suffered for being true to God and obedient to His commandments. The great Head of the church suffered for our sake; His first apostles and the primitive church suffered; the millions of martyrs suffered, and the Reformers suffered. And why should we, who have the blessed hope of immortality, to be consummated at the soon appearing of Christ, shrink from a life of suffering?

Testimonies, Vol. 1, pp. 77, 78

Suddenly seized with regret for my wrong attitude, I closed my eyes and thanked God for His faithfulness. The rest of the flight – all 15 hours of it – seemed to be such a blessing compared to what Jesus our Master and former generations have experienced.How is it with you dear friends?  Are you clinging to the comforts of this world?  It’s natural if we forget to keep our eyes on Jesus and the example He gave us while in this world.

God has recently convicted me that my picture of His love and the future glory of heaven is far too small.  Think of the most beautiful scenes this earth has to offer.  These pale in comparison to the beauty and scale of the world to come.  The New Jerusalem is vast beyond comprehension. Revelation 21:16 describes a (possible) cube between 1400 and 1500 miles per side. That is at least 2 million square miles at the base, or nearly ¼ the total land area of North America. If the city is that large, what about the country that contains it?  Do you think there will be an over-crowding problem?

A tiny Matchbox car when held in front of your eye can block the view of your brand new dream car, yet no one would argue that the toy could ever compare with the experience of owning and driving the real thing. How easily we allow the enemy to distract us with the shiny trinkets of this world!

God continues to bless the Grenada Family Network. Nearly every week we are blessed by the testimonies of GFN listeners. We not only have listeners in Grenada but in at least 25 countries around the world via the Internet.  Month after month we see potential financial disaster or other challenges looming and yet God provides, through the generosity of you – His faithful workers, at just the right time. Thank you for your willingness to sacrifice to see others in the Kingdom!




Current needs:

  • $7,497 for new radio broadcast and editing computers. See: http://www.bsiusa.com/systems/s110/s110.php (Our current hardware is 7 years old and beginning to fail which would take us off the air)
  • $300 for shipping books and supplies
  • $650/mo for volunteer stipend. (Join us in prayer that God will abundantly supply for our new volunteers the Burishkins.)
  • $500 for maintenance and repairs at the station house.
  • Prayers that the promise of Matthew 24:14 will soon be fulfilled.

How to Help:

You can specify the Grenada Family Network and send a tax deductible donation to:

Steve and Samra Shedell
PO Box 2747
St. Paul’s, St. George’s
Grenada, West Indies
1 (473) 435-4297

Bella Vista Educational Center, Mexico

Dr. José Guillermo, Yazmin and 3 wonderful children make up the Gris Nechar family. For 38 years we have given ourselves to the service of the Lord. We began when our children were small and are now serving with our adult children as a Psychologist, a Doctor, and a Pastor. In 1981 we helped found the Colegio Bella Vista Clinic with the help of American brothers and MPI.  It was closed and demobilized during guerrilla times in Chiapas, Mexico, but in 1996 we returned determined to rebuild the place. God has allowed us to reopen the Clinic and a Mission Training Center where we have many testimonies of faith, but our work is not finished.

A group of brothers presented us with a project to open a school. We didn’t have money to start one, but the Education Reform was approved in Mexico with aberrant concepts such as Early Sexuality, Gender Equality, New Family Model and we decided to move forward. Thank God that we got the government permits, but because of social unrest at the time of opening, many interested students could not come.  The students we do have are from neighboring towns and they pay very little or do not pay at all.

We currently have 14 teachers.  Please help us pay them and not close this school that represents the work of God for many years.  We need $2,500/mo and an additional $2,500 for rebuilding the male dormitory. For your physical and/or economical contribution we give our thanks and blessings.



Hello friends!

Each month, when you receive news of our progress in the mission field, it is usual, that they come from other countries where our courageous missionaries give their lives, talents and resources to the work that God has for us to spread his word.

This time you will also receive news from our main office, where not only the ministry is administered worldwide, but also have the television and audio recording studios in American territory. These facilities, located in McDonald, Tennessee, are primarily intended to serve the recordings of the new television programs for the United States, Frontlines TV, a youth channel, in English and Spanish.
But not only for Frontlines TV are these facilities, from here we also provide technical support, production, recording and editing, as well as live broadcasting, for the TV channels in Bolivia, Bulgaria, Israel, and the Arab World. These last two are in the process of being released in the coming weeks.

GMI MEDIA USA has been blessed by God by placing it in the strategic Southern Tennessee area near Southern Adventist University and other supported ministries of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which they gladly share with us their recordings and series that are being presented in our international network of television channels, spanning more than 13 different countries.
From our audio recording studios, we compose exclusive mission songs that are used as background and the support for TV and Radio productions, as well as recordings and editing of songs and voice overs to be transmitted in our media dept.

Already our long awaited green screen is completed, as well as the first phase of the audio studio. But there are no cameras, cables, microphones, computers, accessories for the film and editing equipment, and … a lot, a lot more volunteers!

Yes, volunteers who are willing to donate their time so that all the projects that God has put on our shoulders can become a reality! We need cameramen, video editors, producers, writers, editors, designers, utility personnel, among many others in English and Spanish. We have a nice team already working, but we are not enough. The work is arduous and the workers are few!

Donate your time, complete or partial, to help with the talents that God has given you in this new medium of communication, or give money to support the equipment that we need so urgently, or with your prayers, the chain of intercessors who day after day cry to God, we need you!

Contact us by phone: 423-473-1841 or on our website: http://gospelministry.org
I pray for you, I wait for you! Be blessed!
Diógenes Domínguez, Studio Manager

Para subscripciones en Español reception@gospelministry.org

If you’d like to donate to one of our projects or missionaries in the field, please kindly specify the project or name on the memo line and mail a check to the address below:

For Donations: PO Box 506, Collegedale, TN 37315

You may also donate online by visiting http://gospelministry.org/donations/

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