Update on Bolivia Flooding

Dear partners in ministry,

Greetings from Denmark where I am visiting a few projects and speaking this weekend. I just received this short letter from Cornelio and Susie Moro, directors of our industrial school/academy in Guayaramerín, Bolivia. Two weeks ago GMI was able to help them with some funds to subsidize the additional food costs which have risen drastically since flood waters have affected food transport to the area. They are currently in need of additional food funds.

Kindly join us in prayer that God will provide these funds and if you can give them a hand. One hundred percent of all donated project funds reach the project. Thank you again for your partnership and loyalty to God’s work on the front lines.

Have a blessed Sabbath.

From the front lines,

Uncle David



Dear David,

We Just wanted you to know how thankful we are for your help over the past few weeks. Things are still hard at this moment.We continue with flooding and high food prices. The water is rising at the school where our spring for our drinking water is being effected. Cornelio has been working on keeping the tanks above the water level but at time it looks like we are drinking sweet tea instead of water. They elevated the tanks yesterday so we pray the it will help and that the spring is not effect by the river water. We also ask for your prayer for the mission trip that is coming next month. At this point we are unsure if material will be here for us to start construction.

We just want to thank you and please keep us in prayer. Anyway you can help will be a blessing. We pray the planes will be heading this way soon. Food prices are over priced and there are limited choices. We also pray the garden will give in abundance. We move forward in faith and one day at a time.

Susie and Cornelio Moro





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