Urgent Prayer Request – 2CBN Kenya

Dear friends,

I know you have been praying for me and for 2nd Coming Broadcasting Network. However I just want to ask you to pray even more because the devil is seriously on the prowl, and he is  NOT resting.

Tuesday was the day a pastor called me in the morning asking us to broadcast the upcoming NET event from Kampala, Uganda. It was then that I decided to do everything I could so we could broadcast it. But then total onslaught!

Just a few hours later I’m in a Matatu going to town and some thugs (thieves) distracted me then stole my computer right out of my backpack which was sitting right in front of me on my lap! Some important papers which were folded in the laptop were lost. And one month of work including programming spreadsheets basically lost which has now to be recreated. Even my easy avenue of work, email and communication was now gone as well. The same day one of our board members was admitted to the hospital, and operated on.

Following a meeting on Monday, Pan Africa agreed to provide a satellite dish to enable us to broadcast the NET event coming up end of next week. We would provide the decoder and the rest of the stuff while they would provide the dish. They sent two technicians up to the site to tune in the satellite with the dish, and when they were unable to tune it in, they sent another two technicians the following day, who were also unable to tune the dish to the satellite! Today we had another person that we planned to go with to tune the dish, but we’ve realized that for personal interest reasons he seems to keep putting us off.

This afternoon I went with our broadcast engineer up to the broadcast site to deliver some equipment needed for broadcasting the NET event live from satellite… After being stuck in traffic and spending nearly 3 hours instead of less than 1 hour traveling there we finally arrived and left the equipment. After getting back to town I found the bus I needed to take to get back to my place. As I’m sitting in the bus next to the closed window, all at once the window opened and a dark hand grabbed at my iPhone which I was using. My hand tightened around the device thus foiling the would be thief after which he slunk around the back of the bus. The devil is trying to take my phone- the last avenue of communication and work I have! In 8 months of being in Kenya and working in Nairobi all the time, I’ve never had anyone try to steal anything from me! The same day, today, our friend who has made the studio available to us had an incident happen at the studio. Someone who has been helping them create music there had some days ago underhandedly offered to a customer to do a job elsewhere with some other people. The customer took the offer and put money down on the deal, but when she arrived to do the recording none of the equipment was working and the whole day was wasted for her. After filing a complaint the police showed up today and arrested the guy and it was only our friend’s wife paying bail that got the guy out of prison! Thus their money that would have gone to the construction in the studio was spent for something else.

My friends I know you have been praying for me and for this project but I just want to ask you to redouble your prayers. I am under attack from the enemy but not just me but many involved.

Let’s praise God that the enemy is feeling threatened!
Please pray for 2CBN because this is Gods project and finally the devil feels threatened!
Please pray that the upcoming NET event will be smoothly broadcast across Kenya on 2CBN with no hassles from the enemy.
Please pray that God will give me a safe trip to Uganda next week to assist with the production of the NET event.

Thank you all, and have a happy sabbath,

2nd Coming Broadcasting Network

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