Seizing Opportunities by Faith

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“I think when I get to Cameroon I’m might get sick because all the stress will be gone!” I had said earlier in the day. Now I wondered how accurate that would turn out to be… The morning had gone smoothly. It was a first time fo…

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2CBN streaming live!

Hi friends! Just wanted to give you a quick update to say that 2CBN will be streaming a week of prayer being held at the East-Central Africa Division office. It starts tomorrow morning at 8am EAT, and then again in the evening at I believe 5pm. (EAT is…

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An Open Door

—————————— —————————— — Announcement: We have recently launched a new blog. Our goal is for this to be a place for little bits and pieces of news or stories that we write about as they come. We still plan…

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“What denomination are you from?” The matatu driver was looking at the piece of glow I handed him about prophecy. The radio was playing a local radio station with a heavy rhythm which earlier had had quite blatant words about immorality. Ev…

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