Monthly Archives: November 2012


by Dr. H.M.S. Richards The Lord has given to every man his work. It is his business to do it and the devil’s business to hinder him if he can.

Building a Jungle Bible School

I was almost halfway over the mountains to Kaikan village, when I received an urgent call over the radio.

MOVE Newsletter – The Mountain

The Belize Volunteer Outpost Center has 3 buildings and 3 more foundations and floors ready and waiting for the walls and roofs as the Lord provides.

Firstlight Broadcasting Newsletter from New Zealand

Can you believe that Firstlight has been on air for just over 7 weeks? Wow!

PAMAS News: Every nation, tribe, tongue and people

It has been almost 6 weeks since my return from the USA from working on the Twin Comanche.

Thoughts on August and September

God put the fear of man into the beasts, and I thank Him for it while out walking this morning.