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Bolivia Mission Aviation Report

As we neared the first checkpoint, we were all uneasy. The taxi driver was visibly nervous, even more so after hitting a cat on the dark road. As we neared the armed guards with their automatic weapons, I did not know what was going to happen.

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Guyana Mission Report: It’s the Devil!

It’s the Devil!!! I watched quietly as the tractor drove toward the plane, with one lone patient jostling around on the crude wooden platform on the back. I was on a routine flight up to Kaikan Village, (or so I thought).

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Guyana Aviation Maintenance – Anderson

Guyana Aviation Maintenance – Anderson The Anderson family is one of two pilot families in Guyana, we arrived January 2014. Our aim is to provide much needed services, such as medical evacuations and education support, in the interior regions of Guyana. While we are meeting these needs we are watching the Lord open the door…

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