Blog reports from around the world!

Uncle David’s June Frontline Report

Time to quietly think and pray. One of the benefits of long flights across the jungles and oceans is quiet time. At least when the weather is good.

ELDA MADAÍ Newsletter May 2017 (Part 3) Spanish/English

  Hola a todos! Nos da mucho gusto poder compartirles el Newsletter del mes de Mayo, por parte del ministerio.

Tsushima Volunteer Mission Report – June 2017

Dear sister and brother in Christ, Hello everyone!! Thank you so much for your prayers and support every month for our ministry in Japan.

ELDA MADAÍ March-April Newsletter (Spanish & English)

  Hola a todos queridos hermanos y familia en Cristo, Nos da mucho gusto nuevamente compartir con ustedes las maravillas que nuestro buen

“Mission Send Me”

Bibles and medicines arrive in Mamore River A phone call to Beni, an area where is the Mamore River is, caused me decide to suspend the trip.

Felipe of the Mountains

Well the adventure never ends! SO much has happened in the last few months, and so little updating that I am just going to have to pick and choose to

PAMAS News: Dangerous Mission

Often times we need to fly to dangerous areas to evacuate critical patients to a better facility, or to bring supplies or doctors to remote areas.

Uncle David’s March Frontline Report

“My brother is going to die if we can’t get him to a hospital with a thoracic surgeon.

Uncle David’s February Frontline Report

During the last two weeks I had the privilege of working in Colombia and Ecuador. What beautiful geography they have.

Front Line Gospel Support – Winter Report

We arrived in Bolivia last Friday afternoon after an all-night flight from Guyana and very little sleep since leaving Puerto Rico.