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Beloved Child Adventist School – Bulgaria

Our purpose is the harmony and beauty in nature to infuse into the relationship between students and their teachers.


Japan Christian Service International (JCSI) project

Your donation will go to support JCSI.

Ramah Mission School

Ramah Mission School is a recently started project located in Haiti.

Siparuta Mission Academy

Siparuta Mission Academy (SMA) is an SDA Christian secondary school located in the Amerindian village of Siparuta, Guyana, on the Suriname border.

Kimbia Mission Academy

Kimbia’s mission is to provide for the people of Guyana a Christ-centered Christian education, following the type of training commonly called the Madi

Industrial Institute of Peru

Industrial Institute of Peru “Julio Vallejos Jr.

Bethany Medical Missionary College – Guyana

Bethany Medical Missionary College was established in 2006.

Davis Indian Industrial College/Paruima Mission Academy

Davis Indian Industrial College/Paruima Mission Academy are Seventh-day Adventist schools located near Paruima, Guyana.

Bolivia Industrial School

Bolivia Industrial School is a Christian boarding high school that prepares students for gospel service through an education that balances academics w

Bolivia Familia Feliz – Orphanage and School

Our goal at Familia Feliz is to provide a Christ-centered, safe, and loving home environment, a Christian education, and medical/dental care for child