A Christmas Surprise!

A Very Merry Christmas!

There is so much joy in the Christmas season, but this year there seems to be a dash of extra joy in our home.

As I write this, Amelia (6) and Samuel (4.5) are deep in their own world of pretend play. I didn’t believe other parents when they told me the baby stage would end. As they play, I can see them learning how to communicate and compromise. For all my shortcomings as a mother, they really are turning out to be delightful children.

Captain Anderson still spends his days out at the hangar, these days he can be found wrapped up in wires under the instrument panel. He is both taking out old wires and instruments and installing some new, high tech, instruments that will do well to keep him and the airplane safe.The plane is very close to taking her first flight. I am already planning a party! We’ve been in the holding pattern for so long working on this plane and we are so ready to see the fruit of all Todd’s (and a few amazing volunteers) work for Jesus.
We want to share how blessed we have been over the last year. This time last year we knew we wanted N9113M, but we were $10,000 short to buy the plane. I posted on Facebook asking for prayers about it – and 24-hours later we had pledges for the full amount! Since then, God has poured out His blessing on our project like we never expected! We are thrilled to report that all the repairs and work on the plane are 100% paid for!After the plane is flying, we will start packing, planning our return to Guyana, and getting our family ready to go! The plane will need quite a few hours on the engine before it’s safe to take over the ocean, so we’ll still be here for a little while yet. Todd and Captain Ash will fly the plane down, and I will take the kids on a commercial plane – much shorter travel time and onboard toilets. 🙂 The Captains will take about a week to travel from the bottom of Florida to Guyana, about 24-hours in-flight time. They have a few projects they will stop at along the way.
Construction is underway for our new house and hangar in Paruima village, where we will be starting a new flight base. That project is moving much faster than we anticipated, and we just got word that we’ve had someone pledge to match all donations for the flight base – up to $10,000!!! That means, if we raise $10,000 for this project, we will get $20,000! What an offer! Such a nice Christmas surprise!The land has already been cleared for the hangar and house, and boards have been cut to start construction on the hangar. It’s so very exciting to see our dreams for a Paruima flight base happening! We would like to extend an invitation to anyone interested in helping to build to come down to Guyana this spring. Contact us if you’re interested.
As this year ends and we are thinking back over the outpouring of love and support we have received this year we are so humbled and filled with gratitude. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it as long as we’re missionaries – we could not be doing this work that we are called to do without you all. And we pray for you too. :)Thank you all for being our partners in prayer, love, and the sharing of the Good News. May you have the merriest of Christmases and a very blessed New Year!

With much love,
The Anderson Family

If you are interested in making an end-of-year donation, or would like to be a monthly supporter, we would be grateful to have you join the work in Guyana!Mail a check
Write your check to: Gospel Ministries International
Memo: “Guyana – Anderson” / add “N9113M” if you would like your contribution to go towards the airplane project or add “Paruima Flight Base” if you would like to make a donation that will be matched (up to $10,000)

Gospel Ministries International
P.O. Box 506
Collegedale, TN 37315

Pay over the phone with a debit card:

Pay online using PayPal:
Please mark your donations “Guyana – Anderson” or  “Guyana – N9113M” if you would like your contribution to go towards the airplane project or  “Guyana – Paruima Flight Base” if you would like to make a donation that will be matched (up to $10,000)

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!!!

The engine and propeller are in place and ready to go! Just waiting on the instruments to be installed!
Our family spends a lot of time out at the Collegedale Airport where our hangar is.
Samuel is getting bigger and bigger each day! It’s taken him a while to catch up with his peers, but he’s finally fitting 3T clothes!
Amelia’s favorite thing in the whole world is horses. Her friend has this little pony they and he’s a very nice playmate.
We do a lot of baking! There are often some good smells coming from our kitchen!
Amelia has been learning how to take photos. Mama even lets her use the big camera sometimes!
The children are good little helpers around the house. Here, Amelia is teaching Samuel how to fold cloth napkins.
Merry, Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!!