Africa Aviation Ministry: Back in Chad

Dear newsletter family,

We are happy to finally be back in Chad! After some delays and a canceled flight, we finally flew out on December 15. We are now home and working on arranging and unpacking and cleaning and repairing. The first morning we awoke in our hut again to the sounds of an African bird close by our window. It felt good to be back in Chad again where everything is so African.

Our team cleaned up our house and set up our bed and mosquito net so it would be livable the first night. Now I’m working on fixing our door latch, our leaking bucket faucet, and the motorbike which has no rear brakes or battery power or kick starter. We are going to rearrange our small house (330 square feet) to make a little room for Gideon’s bed and a place for him to play. This means we will need to make shelves in one of the containers in the hanger to store extra stuff.

We thank God for many things during that last 1/2 year:

  • For safe pregnancy and delivery
  • For safety on the road (about 15,000 miles)
  • For hospitality of friends and family
  • For our healthy, growing baby
  • For all your prayers and support
  • For time to focus and realign our goals for the project here (more on this later)
  • For a safe trip to Chad and that all 10 of our bags made it with their contents intact.

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In His service,

Jonathan and Melody Dietrich


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Thank you!

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