Bartel’s GFN Holiday Greetings

Dear Family and Friends,

Another holiday season is upon us and as we reflect on all that has taken place in the past year we are reminded and so very thankful for all of you who have supported us and this God given calling on our lives. We can’t thank you enough!

This year has been a very event filled and exciting year. The year started out with a large $100,000 donation going into action with the construction of our studio and broadcast facility. Funds stretched and construction continued all the way until May. The foundation is constructed and walls now reach to the second floor. This was an excellent start to a big project and we believe that it will resume very soon.

At the same time, John was beginning the long recovery process from a knee injury sustained from a fall on the construction site. Thanks to generous friends, a trip to the US for better medical attention revealed that his knee was broken and a lengthy healing process would result. It has been a year now and recovery is still going slow but thankfully he has been able to walk a few laps up and down a local beach without crutches for which we are very thankful!


Another large donation of $50,000 was given for the purchase of equipment for the radio station. The equipment purchased with these funds will enable our radio broadcast to cover the whole island of Grenada. Shortly thereafter another donation of $75,000 was given for the purchase of equipment for the TV station. This equipment will enable us to cover the southern half of Grenada on channel 4. All the equipment has been purchased and we are expecting to ship the equipment to Grenada in January.

GFN is continuing its development plans trusting that God is about to provide for this project in a significant way. In faith we have hired an engineer to begin the development of a volunteer campus and we have placed an offer on a piece of land to support this plan. One of our biggest hurdles has been our ability to attract volunteers who are able to provide for their own living expenses. This project will take care of that issue enabling the rest of the project to grow to its full potential.

As Mary and Joseph were the bearers of God’s gift to the world, it is such a blessing to be a part of that same spirit of love and sharing. May God bless all that you do to share His love with those around you this holiday season and please accept our love and best wishes for you this Christmas.



John, Sue, Steven and Sarah Bartels


Grenada Family Network
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