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A&P Mechanic Missionary Needed

Did you ever wonder if there was a place in God’s work for “just” an A&P mechanic? Although you rarely hear about them, it is the mechanics that keep the mission planes and pilots in the air helping others. Behind every effective mission pilot is a good mission mechanic

Have you ever thought about using your skills for Gods work?

The Opportunity: A&P Mechanic Needed in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

When:                        As Soon As Possible

How Long:                Short term (a couple of weeks) up to long term (years)

Where:                      Santa Cruz, Bolivia        South America

The organization:   Gospel Ministries International (GMI) is a non-profit organization that supports the Seventh Day Adventist Church. GMI works mainly in the areas of health, education, medical, and aviation.  GMI is a volunteer organization where the staff serve on a volunteer basis.

The aviations purpose is to support and facilitate all of the other projects by transporting missionaries and supplies to hard to get to locations, transporting medical patients, doctors,  and Bible workers. You can see more of what GMI does on their website   and at

Currently Steven Wilson is the only A&P mechanic in GMI Bolivia. His base has been Santa Cruz, but he wants to move to northern Bolivia and open up the aviation work in the remote jungles. However, the maintenance of the three to five small planes operating in Bolivia have been taking all his time and he hasn’t been able to get to starting up the new project. An A&P mechanic is needed, short term or long term, to come and help him or replace him.

If you think that you might be interested, or know of someone who might be interested,contact  Steven Wilson by email at

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