Building a Blessing, Spring 2014

“Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.” Psalm 127:1

Good day folks!

Well I finally arrived at the high school and am settling in for the year. As we were driving along in the bus, old memories of the amazement and wonder I had of the countryside when I first came to Bolivia came rushing back and I am starting to get excited about being back in the jungle. Santa Cruz was alright, but there is nothing like the country Jungle. I have a tarantula living in my new room, he’s pretty cute all fuzzy like a teddy bear ladies and there for all my window cleaning needs as the bugs get caught in the house behind the screen and he deals with them. Other than Teddy I have a rat/mouse in the house I had to send her away and her babies too. There was a bicho feo too, something I had never seen before and couldn’t imagine till I saw it. It’s name means ugly bug and I must say it is horrific looking half huge spider half crab sort of with one set of its eight legs looking like a set of antennae, so strange. I sent him out too. Other than that I found a beautiful green beetle with a metallic green shell and metallic blue legs. And the creek is absolutely amazing as it is very humid and warm here and it is very refreshing to go jump in and bathe or wash clothes in.

Right now I am starting to plan classes, looks like I will be teaching Biology to grade 11, Health classes to grade 11 and Sewing classes. The School district is asking a lot of hours and a lot of classes that we don’t have teachers for, so please pray for strength and wisdom for our staff here and also for more teachers

I have also been asked to be the director of Education here at the school, which means representing the school before the district office in town and a lot of things I am not sure about yet. Please pray for God’s leading in this as well as I have no clue, but am willing.

As for church building plans… I met a few of the people from Yata this week and they are very excited for the church to be built. Their faith in that it will be built has been a blessing to me as obstacles seem to line the side of every advancement. Please keep this project in prayer as we prepare.

We have come to a point in planning that we need to know the number of people who plan to come help build. This means that we need to know how many people are planning on coming by March 11. If you are planning to come, please let me know via this e-mail address: If you are not going to make it, a note would be great as well. Thank you for all your prayers and support in this project, you’re all great! Jesus has great plans for us as we are willing to do His will.

If you have any further questions please ask. I will be able to get to the internet only about once a week now, as my free day is on Wednesday, the rest of the time is going to be BUSY!

Thanks everybody, and God bless you all!

Sara Ross


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