Colporteuring Testimony from Bolivia

Dear friends,
I would like to testify of what happened recently when I went to do some colporteuring. It is
something that perhaps we would not expect to happen or very surprised to hear. I pray and hope that
this will encourage you to prepare as we are living in the midst of the fulfillment of Biblical as well as
prophecies predicted by the servant of the Lord.

Perhaps you may be wondering what this is all about. Nevertheless, after this experience I went
home praising God for His goodness and for the privilege of being in His service.

On September 25, 2012, Steve, Ivan, Jeremy and I from the Red Advenir TV Network planned to
meet on a certain street to go to study Biblical prophecy with Steve´s Bible study group. He got to
know one of the members through sharing literature that is a kind of a summary of the book “The
Great Controversy” written by E.G. White. This is an interested group here in Santa Cruz Bolivia that
is eager to learn from the Bible especially about last day events. The group is comprised mostly of
ladies that fast and pray and read their Bibles everyday. Steve told me that when he started studying
biblical prophecy with them, they told him that they have been praying for years to understand the
difficult parts of the Bible like Daniel and the Revelation. I believe that by the grace of God these
sincere folks will join God´s army and join in the “loud cry.”

When we went to the place where the folks normally meet, they were not there. It so happened that
Steve had misplaced his cell phone a few days before and the people from the group tried calling him
to inform him that that they were going to do something else that day but did not get through. The
Bible says “And we know that all things work for good to them that love God to them which are the
called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28 (KJV).

Nevertheless, I had decided to colporteur to the group after doing the study on prophecy but it did not
happen simply because they were not there. I thought for a while and decided that I would go to Abasto
market to do some colporteuring. So on our way back to the TV station I stopped at the market. I have
colporteured once there and it was a good experience but the experience that day “made my day.” After
telling the rest of the Guys bye, I decided to go near a nearby plaza to pray and get an overview of the
books I was going to canvass. I sat down and felt incapable of doing what I was going to do. There
were people at the plaza so I just pleaded with open eyes that God would give me the strength and
wisdom because I felt so weak and unworthy to do the work. One of my favorite Bible verses is “But
He said unto me: my grace is sufficient for me, for my grace is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly
therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities that the Spirit of Christ may rest upon me.”
2 Corinthians 12:9 (KJV).

With God’s help I was able to colporteur the little but powerful books that are a summary of the Great
Controversy. God ´s word says that His word will not return to Him void. I have had an experience
where I met a man from the Assembly of God Church who was touched after reading the book. Later
on I gave the complete book of “The Great Controversy” to him. We know that there will be people in
heaven whom we thought would not be there. Let us prepare to meet them by God´s grace.

Of course, when I colporteured, there were just a few people that were not interested in even receiving a
free gift. A few minutes before “the peak of my experience” that afternoon. I met some people most of
whom were ladies and I guess that were Catholics, because of the way they spoke. One of them bought
the “Bible Readings for the Home” and I gave the rest of the small books for free. I spent some time
answering their questions.

On my next stop I met a man who wanted a Bible. I did not have it then, but I promised him that I
would bring it some other day. At what was going to be my last stop, I met a lady who was wearing a
turban and I did my usual round of introducing myself and explained about the books I was colporteuring.
She inquired which church I belonged to and I told her that I am an Adventist.

“Seventh- Day Adventist right?” she asked. “ Si” (yes in Spanish) I said rather surprised.

She mentioned that she had a copy of “The Great Controversy” and asked if I had a health book
written by Ellen White. I told her that I had the health books and other Ellen White books at home and
that I would bring them on Friday. (I thought she belonged to the Seventh- Day Adventist Church.) She
bought the book “Bible readings for the home” and as I was lingering and getting ready to leave an
older lady wearing a turban appeared on the scene. What happened next was just incredible.

“Who wrote this book?” She inquired calmly.

“Um… Harvest Time Publishers” I said, after looking for name of the author of the book. I did not
expect that question from anybody that afternoon. She then began explaining that they belonged to the
“Israelite Evangelical Church.” She seemed to know the Bible very well and told me to read some
Bible passages that talked about the validity of the Ten Commandments including the fourth
commandment. She continued explaining how they offer lambs and grain offering and other Jewish

Fasten your seat belts to hear this one. She continued explaining that they have a prophet named
Ezekiel from eastern Bolivia and that he was taken in vision where he saw Ellen White among the
redeemed. I would say that the vision would be futuristic since the dead in Christ await the resurrection
of the just when Jesus comes the second time. She continued saying among other things that their
prophet said that Ellen White was a true prophet from God and that they should read her books.
When I heard that I got excited and started asking questions. Right then I could not keep back my
words. I began talking about end time events as written by sister White. I told them things that I
normally don’t tell the Sunday keeping Christians like what is the mark of the beast, and the role of the
United States and the papacy in the soon coming final events. They listened with profound interest and
I could honestly say that I myself was deeply moved as I tried to explain the final events with God ´s

I can´t remember how long we spoke but “time flew” and soon it became dark. When we finished
talking I said a prayer of gratitude for meeting such wonderful people. I went home rejoicing and yet
kind of worried about us as Seventh-day Adventists. We have been given great light like the Jews of
old. We have a great responsibility to read and practice what we read both from the Bible and the Spirit
of Prophecy. Not only that but to share it to a dying world. This is one of the reasons for writing this

A few days later I went and sold several important books by Ellen White to the same ladies. I hope
to meet with other members from their church soon to canvass more spirit of prophecy books.
We have unmistakable proof from the Holy Scriptures about the authenticity of the prophetic gift of
Ellen White. It would be well for us to read her books along with the Bible because what she says no
doubt agrees with the Bible and leads us back to the Bible and not to some mystic author.

Dear reader, if you have been deceived by others in denying the validity of her prophetic gift, I urge
you to think it over seriously because the Bible says … Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be
established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper. 2 Chronicles 20:20. I have already heard stories
in this day and age of an ungodly result of Seventh-day Adventists who have forsaken or rejected the
prophetic gift of sister White. She is dead but her writings speak about the dangers of these last days
and how we can avoid the subtle snares of the enemy and his agents.

May God help us to be faithful until the end and may we seek Him while He may be found and
moment by moment surrender our all to Him who loved us and gave Him self for us.


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