FaithCamp Hayden Lake

What a powerful FaithCamp this was! Some of the comments from the weekend were:

– “Our head elder was very pleased with FaithCamp and the powerful messages that he was able to attend. Good for our church and those who attended.”

– “One of our elders—Ron Honner said, “This was one of the BETTER weeks in our churches history” and the group agreed with his summary statement.”

– “Many didn’t realize that people are wrestling and make decisions to become missionaries and FaithCamp. They were thrilled by this process that went on and continues.”

– “Another said, “That it was evident that those who organized FaithCamp were very organized, had a plan and loved the Lord!””

– “They commended their pastor for his vision and positive strong leadership!”

We praise God and continue to pray that the seeds planted will flourish and grow into lives of faith and service for the King.