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Heaven Ordained Car

July 15, 2017

Dear David,
We have been in need of a vehicle in Santa Cruz for quite some time to carry students, patients, volunteers, and supplies to various places.  So, we started looking into what it will take to purchase a car.  Since the type of trips vary a lot from transporting people or hauling food on a trailer, and it does rain in Santa Cruz, we decided an SUV would work best rather than a pickup or passenger car.

Initially we thought of buying a 10 or 15 year old SUV for maybe 2 – 4 thousand dollars US.  But as we looked at the SUV’s on the market we found they cost 10 to 15 thousand dollars.  Bolivia does not make any vehicles in country so every vehicle is imported.  It is because Customs adds another $5000 to the price of the vehicle for duty tax when it’s imported.

Well, we don’t have that kind of money but we know who does.  Our Father in Heaven.  So we prayed He would provide a vehicle for us.

We prayed for about 4 weeks until we heard that one of the missionary families was selling their SUV.  Turns out they were praying for a buyer so they could move to another place to do mission work. 

As we discussed and evaluated the SUV we knew it had a history of problems but we both believed God had brought us together on this issue.  Since we didn’t have $10,000 to pay for the car they would allow us to make payments.  Knowing it was sold, they believed God was giving them the sign to move forward.

So we bought the car and thanked God for giving us both an answer to prayer.  Then next day we drove the car to the market and were so thankful we had wheels.  That afternoon we were on our way to a birthday party for one of the missionary children and the car overheated and blew a head gasket. 

As it turns out there were numerous other problems with the car too.  One of the volunteers told me that in these situations people will usually take the car back or get the price lowered to compensate for the issues.  I told him we both believed the transaction was of God and I would not do that.  I knew the car had issues and God would provide a way to fix it.  He said, OK I trust in that too.

The next day, he called me and said guess what?  He was talking with one of his friends about what happened with the car and the friend said “tell me how much it will cost and I will pay for the repairs.”  Wow!  God provided a donor to fix the car!! 

What a great lesson I learned.  If we believe God has given an answer to prayer, then believe!!  Also believe God will provide the means to make that answer complete.  We cannot be like Abraham and Sarah who tried to answer God’s promise in their own way by having a child with a second wife.  Waiting patiently for His answer, and letting Him solve it in His way will allow it to turn out perfectly!! 

The mechanic is replacing the head gasket and a new radiator is on order.

We praise God for answering our prayer for a car and for providing a way to get it fixed.  Now we wait on Him to provide the rest of the money.  We paid $2000 so far and need another $8000 to finish it.

Baby Rescue

A while ago there was a baby born 2 months premature that needed to be transported to the hospital.  The baby was on oxygen and an IV but needed to be in a better facility for extended care. 

There was not enough fuel in the plane to make the flight without going to the local airport for fuel.  Going there would cause about a 4 hour delay to wait for the clouds to lift in order land and then go through the process of refueling, filing a flight plan, and going to narcotics for inspection.  

All these delays might put the baby at further risk.  But, there just happened to be enough fuel in gas cans at our base in Red A De Venir to go directly there.  Praise the Lord. 

Bee ware!!

Recently, Brandtley was asked to fly bee hives 500 miles north to the school in Guyaramerin so they can learn how to work with bees and grow the hives.  Well, that is not a normal request. 

Can you imagine what might happen if the bees got out of their hives while we were flying?  Don’t they sting people when you’re close to their home?  This could be a very painful flight if not done right. 

So, who could we ask for help?  Of course, God can do anything.  So, we prayed that the bees would be calm and there would be no stinging at all.  And guess what?  God answered our prayer.  But not without first testing our faith.  Because during the flight over 200 bees got out and were flying inside the cabin.  They were going everywhere trying to get out.  They were landing on our heads, arms, faces and of course crawling on the airplane windows, but none of them would sting! 

They were our friends in flight!

Trip to the USA

Currently we are in Tennessee waiting to fly a mission plane down to Bolivia.  The work never ends even when in the USA. 

We brought an engine up from Guyana to be fixed and will take it back when ready.  Our time is filled up with working on the plane to get it ready, ordering parts, and Brandtley is studying for the first written exam to become a Certified Flight Instructor.  One of his goals is to be able to help train other people to become mission pilots.


We are happier serving God as missionary volunteers than pursuing worldly careers.  It is easier work, a lighter load, than the pressure of the working world.  Jesus words are true when He said, “My yoke is easy, and My burden is light” Matthew 11:30.
All of us must work with a sense of urgency, now, as never before.  Every day is one day closer to the end of probation. 

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May the Lord bless you,
Brandtley & Jenyve


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