Uncle David’s June Frontline Report


Uncle David’s Message

Time to Fly Time to Pray – By David Gates

Time to quietly think and pray. One of the benefits of long flights across the jungles and oceans is quiet time. At least when the weather is good. After several weeks in the US with speaking appointments in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma, Aunt Becky and I left on our long flight to Bolivia in the Twin Comanche. First we stopped in Florida at a small airport that has a hide-a-bed couch for 4 hours of rest, then at 2am we took off into the night sky on a 6-hour flight to Puerto Rico. That was followed by another 6-hr flight to Guyana, an 8-hour flight to Northern Bolivia and a 4-hour flight to Santa Cruz.
As we flew over Miami, I prayed that someday God would soon grant us the funds to broadcast television live across the city in Spanish.  As we approached Puerto Rico, I prayed for a TV opportunity we have there to broadcast across the country. The missing component there is also funds. The solution is always prayer as the key in God’s hands. On reaching Guyana, our director, Pastor James Ash, spoke to me privately about some urgent needs for administrative help. We prayed together that God would send workers into the field to support the growing needs.
Departing at 11pm, we flew up into the inky black skies over Guyana’s mountains and leveled off for 8 hours across the Amazon jungle rivers of Brazil. What a large country, what large needs. I prayed for our TV network www.TerceiroAnjo.com which is doing such a great work across the Portuguese speaking world and will soon be broadcast on open television across hundreds of cities in Brazil. As we flew past Manaus at 2am, I prayed for our daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren sleeping down there somewhere, for our airbase staff, also sleeping along the river, and thanked the Lord for our beautiful FM radio station in Manaus which recently received authorization to continue broadcasting operations. Then, as the sky began to lighten and the sun began to peek out across the horizon, we were cleared for landing by the cheerful tower operator. â€œBuenos Dias Pastorcito.. Bienvenido a Bolivia. Está autorizado aterrizar.”  (Good Morning Pastor. Welcome to Bolivia. You are cleared for landing.) I thanked God for Bolivia and the privilege of the freedoms we still have to travel and work. â€œViva Bolivia. Que Dios la bendiga,” (Long live Bolivia, and may God bless you) I said as we touched down in the country we call home.
We need to pray more; more for our church to wake up before it is too late; more for our missionaries who live to serve others; more for the donors who sacrifice so much to keep the work going forward; more for the four angels of Revelation 7 to hold the winds until God’s work is done.  Most of all we should pray for the Holy Spirit to be poured out so that we can be purified of all sin and be prepared to stand when Jesus appears.
This is my prayer, From the Frontlines, Uncle David


Frontlines Mission News

Terceiro Anjo TV, Brazil

The Third Angel TV (TV Terceiro Anjo) was established in 2012.  It is a web based TV that reaches more than 12 million people, in about 216 countries.  We also have an online radio station which contains programming of instrumental music, spiritual messages, health tips, among other content.  God has also graced us with a radio station in the city of Manaus, Amazon which reaches more than 2 million people.  Many people have given their lives to Christ through the efforts of these radio stations and others have strengthened their faith in God through this Ministry, or heard the Adventist message for the very first time there. 


God has also blessed other ministries through the Third Angel TV ministry by sharing the recorded testimonies.  Ministries such as the “Lifestyle Center Serra do Cipó” in Minas Gerais, have gained notoriety and have been sought out by people looking to enhance their knowledge of the doctor/missionary topics, and/or look for natural treatments.  These ministries have grown immensely.

Many churches around the world have guest speakers who have become well known through Third Angel TV such as Ricardo Tavares, a former Hare Krishna who converted to Adventism through the health message.  After telling his story and sharing his testimony, as well as presenting culinary classes on TV, he has since traveled through several countries, giving talks and healthy cooking classes. 

We are thankful that God has used Third Angel TV.  However, it hasn’t been an easy task.   We have faced many trials, and we have many needs.

Our main needs are:
Finish the audio Studio – $10,000
Stipends to maintain our missionaries – $3,000/mo
Fixed expenses: studio rent, utilities, telephone, internet – $1,500/mo
Production expenses, and maintenance of equipment – $1,000/mo
Radio FM in Manaus – $1,000/mo

Sergio E Oliveira
Director TV Terceiro Anjo
+55 19 3858 1082
+55 19 99870 4871
Website: http://www.terceiroanjo.com
Email: contato@terceiroanjo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/terceiroanjobrasil
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/TerceiroAnjoBrasil
Twitter: https://twitter.com/terceiro_anjo



About 4 years ago we planned to find ways to buy and establish a channel in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. Thanks to God we’ve started with spaces in cables or parabolic antennas in different municipalities of the country. In some places the message of Faith and Hope is being seen and heard. Gospel Ministries International delivers the receiver so that the signal of Red Advenir reaches the different Colombian homes.

Currently, we have the broadcast in 16 zones of the country. We thank God that people often call seeking to obtain the signal in their own cities. Many are blessed by sharing their Faith and others learn more and more about the love of Jesus.

God has been wonderful by opening doors for the communications front to advance in Colombia. Together with the Vida Sana centers in Colombia, we will expand that front through the Radio that will reach those far corners where the television signal does not have access.

In conjunction with the Vida Sana Redensión Foundation we have set goals for 2017 where the objective is to obtain an educational radio station license in FM and thus be able to have the first FM station in different parts of Colombia. Fundación Vida Sana has been carrying out some media projects such as Radio, Television and Social Networks and has opened its facilities to be able to further develop the communications area in Colombia. 

Another goal is for conditioned infrastructure to place a transmitter of 350 watts for the sector of Fusagasuga and surrounding sidewalks. At the moment it has 150 watts running and tuning in at 95.7 FM. If God allows, this might be the place where we can have the repeater of the Network ADvenir International in the local area.
We need your prayers so that the Colombian government will give licenses for Radio and Television. We are working towards a license in the capital (Bogotá) and then the surrounding cities.
Our desire is to cover every area of the country and therefore, we will need to buy more equipment. Equipment costs are $100 each for 20 mpeg4 Receivers or decoders. Colombia is a large country and has many places where they need to be installed.

José David Bermudez – jd.bastidas18@gmail.com
Genith Puentes – genith@gmicolombia.com – cell: 57-3138189195
Facebook/ADvenir Colombia (Official Site)


Mission Life: Long – Term Missionaries

Many people wonder if there is anything more than just working, making money, having your own home and car. Yes, there is something more… A few years ago with my wife Romina we decided to pray for God to show us what His plan was for our lives. Our work and studies went very well, but we wanted to know what else we could do for God in addition to the work we were already doing in our church.

A Biblical Class in Pedro Lorenzo, Bolivia 

So we went to Bolivia to work as missionaries no longer depending on our work, but now depending on what God provides for us. It was difficult to leave our families. Many didn’t want us to leave as foreigners to another country. 

Building the hangar floor at the ADvenir Network 

I had not been able to complete my commercial pilot’s license. I have wanted to complete it for ten years now but I had no money. However by being a missionary volunteer, God sent the money I needed to finish. Now I can have that license to help people and preach about a powerful and loving God who cares about his children.

Working for God has many challenges, but also great rewards and gratifications. It takes you to places that you never imagined and you get to know and help so many people. You can see the hand of God working in people’s lives and providing for all your needs.  
After two years in Bolivia we returned to Argentina to start a new project in the northern part of the country. Aboriginal communities in particular need a lot of help and education to improve their quality of life, as well as a plane for medical evacuations. And above all, there are many people who need to hear from God. 

In the land of the Wichi aborigines in northern Argentina 

 Wichi children in Formosa, Argentina 

Being a missionary is not just flying a plane. It is working hard every day on what there is to do. It does not matter if it’s building a house, cutting grass, giving a Bible study, or visiting people who need someone to listen to them and help. It is being willing to do anything with all your might for God. No matter how tired you are…that smile of a child you were playing with or the thank-you hug of a person you’ve helped and explained the Bible to makes it all worthwhile. 

A church for aborigines 

Recently Romina and I received a new call to serve in UETIRG (Industrial Technical Education Unit Richard Gates). It is a primary and secondary school with a boarding school in Guayaramerin, Beni Department, Bolivia. We arrived about a month ago and we are currently working there. I am working as the General Director of the school and Romina is teaching English and Religion until the Argentina aviation project materializes. Please help us pray that God will open the doors of blessings and the hearts in Argentina.

Traveling by plane to Guayaramerin 


 Our little home 

I do not know exactly what God’s plan for the future is. But I am sure that God will do great things in our country and that many people will hear of the great love of God through our work. If you believe that God is calling you to do something special for Him, do not hesitate. Ask God to show you the plan He has for your life, and when He shows you, get to work on that immediately! Do not worry about what your friends and family may say or if you do not have the resources. God will provide what you need. Just be faithful and work with all your strength. Thus you will see the hand of God working miracles in your own life and in the lives of many people. And very soon, when Jesus returns for his children, He can say to you: “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord.”  

God bless you, 
Ruben and Romina Richter

Facebook: Ruben Richter 
Blog: https://missionaryexperiences.wordpress.com 


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