Frontlines Mission Report First Quarter 2024

After years of constant travel, Becky and I have gratefully slowed down a bit. But travel demands have again accelerated with three months in Brazil, Peru, Colombia and the Philippines. The GMI retreat at our School of Nursing in Medellin, Colombia was a special blessing with new information on health and a better understanding of…

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ZARIFÉ, A Story of Faith

My name is Zarifé Loor and my story begins in La Revancha neighborhood in Manta province of Manabí-Ecuador.” Zarifé is a girl who is currently 11 years old, but her story with Jesus began a year ago.  She studies at the New Generation School in the Urbirríos neighborhood. One day, a year ago, while she…

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Uncle David’s January Frontlines Mission Report

Some years ago, while working in Denmark, I accepted an invitation to join some young people in handing out literature to the public down town. I was quite surprised to see how many people said “No, thank you”. When asked if they belonged to a church, they would respond that they were Lutherans but they had no interest in reading anything religious. Those that did accept the little magazines were primarily foreigners, mostly Hispanics or Romanians. In Scandinavia, as well as some other.     

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Uncle David’s August Newsletter

     We belong to an evangelical church but we decided to join you for Sabbath worship at the TV station today since my son has been watching your TV station at home,” said the lady as she and her little 11 year old son were leaving. “My husband died a few weeks ago from…

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Uncle David’s 2nd Quarter Frontlines Mission Report

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Family,  

     It matters where we look with our eyes and it matters what our hearts are focused on. Many have set their eyes on the world, on wealth and on self, and it isn’t helping them find true happiness. Where did Jesus focus His eyes? Always on His Heavenly Father. That gave Him courage and a clear understanding of His purpose.

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Uncle David’s 3rd Quarter Frontlines Report

About 4 months ago, while in Guyana, I had plans to go back to the U.S. to take care of some appointments and other work related issues. Right then, at the airport, when I was about to fly North, I got a phone call about the borders closing and the airports and all the transportation being shut down.

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Uncle David’s 2nd Quarter Frontlines Report

When I was 25 years old, I was called by the General Conference to go to three places and one of those places was Chiapas, Mexico. We got into the airplane with two daughters and landed close to the Clinic and School of “Bella Vista”.

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Uncle David’s 1st Quarter Frontlines Report

Greetings from Bolivia, South America. About 3 weeks ago, as I was on my way north for a speaking appointment in the U.S., I stopped in Brazil and Guyana to spend time with the team there and then planed on going on to Puerto Rico, Miami and Tennessee.

Along the way I heard that due to the virus that borders were closing and I decided to contact the people I had appointments with and they said “We believe that this may be a long term situation, and are praying about it. Please can we move these meetings to a later time?”

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Uncle David’s 4th Quarter Frontlines Report

“The country is going to close down here in Bolivia,” said my son-in-law Richard over the phone. “Since there were irregularities in the voter reporting system, the citizens are going to blockade all roads nationwide until another election is held.”

“You’d better get enough food for the workers to last a while,” I replied “as well as gasoline and diesel in case the electricity shuts down.”

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