Uncle David’s January Frontlines Mission Report


The president of Bolivia receiving a copy of  The Great Controversy in Spanish

     Some years ago, while working in Denmark, I accepted an invitation to join some young people in handing out literature to the public down town. I was quite surprised to see how many people said “No, thank you”. When asked if they belonged to a church, they would respond that they were Lutherans but they had no interest in reading anything religious. Those that did accept the little magazines were primarily foreigners, mostly Hispanics or Romanians. In Scandinavia, as well as some other.     

     European countries, most are very secular minded.  But God knows exactly what is needed to get their attention and give them an opportunity.     

     Eleven million people live in Lima, Peru. We recently had an evangelistic campaign there and printed ten thousand copies of “The Great Controversy” to hand out in the streets.      

      As we were picking up the books from the press, people began to ask if they could have a copy. We ended up handing out 1000 copies right on the spot. Then, as we stopped at the red light while driving home, we handed a few copies to the people in cars around us. Soon a full bus of passengers caught up with us and the driver said all his passengers wanted a copy. We handed out another 300 copies as we were driving home. The rest of the ten thousand copies were gone in the next couple of days.                 

     In Bolivia, we received a donation of 10,000 copies of “The Perfect Storm is Coming,” a small illustrated summary copy of the Great Controversy.  We took boxes of the small booklet to the bus terminal and started handing them out. People crowded around and were actually snatching them out of our hands as we tried to hand them to someone. We experience the same phenomenon while handing out Bibles.     

     Thanks to the “Bibles for Bolivia” project my wife started and the sacrificial donations received, we have been buying thousands of Bibles from the Bolivia Bible Society at half price and giving them out in communities across the country.       

As we realize that these golden days of freedom and opportunity will soon end, we are accelerating the distribution of publications. Every weekend many of our volunteers spread out across the country, visiting city squares and village centers to distribute literature.  

      In every part of the world there are groups of people looking for answers. Let us make earnest efforts to place answers in their hands. Seize every opportunity. Make every sacrifice to work “while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.”  John 9:4.


From the Front Lines,

His name is to be praised unto all of you because He has provided!  In the last newsletter we shared the need for funds to pay for the engine repair on the Cessna 425. The entire balance has been received!  It was done by many of you who donated so quickly and so faithfully and a final lump sum donation.  Here’s how it all turned out. 

    A few weeks ago I received a call from a lady who said, “I understand Gospel Ministries needs funds to pay for an airplane engine.” “Yes that is true,” I replied. Then she said, “Well, I don’t have any money, but I pray and God answers prayers.”  â€œWell, hallelujah! Then let’s pray,” I said. She prayed specifically that someone would donate the remaining balance in one fell swoop!     

     While she was praying I remembered that Uncle David needed $12,000 dollars for digital broadcast equipment in Bolivia so our station RedAdvenir would not lose its license. I asked her to also pray that those funds would be provided.       

     The very next day another lady called and asked how much remained on the engine and that she wanted to help.  I told her we still needed $49,000 dollars. She asked, “How would you like that?  Would a check be OK?”  I replied, “Absolutely!”  

     As I was telling the story to everyone in the office after the phone call, someone said that I should not count my chickens before the eggs hatch and that I don’t know if they will send the whole amount or just a few hundred dollars. I replied that I choose to believe that God will answer the prayer just as it was asked.  

     A few days later I received a call from our accountant who said he just opened an envelope and there was a check for $49,000 dollars and that another $12,000 dollars was donated for the equipment the very same day the prayer was made. Hallelujah!!     

     We serve a great and wonderful God who provides for our every need at the right time and the people who donated and responded. Some are like the widow giving all of their means, while some are giving of the wealth God has bestowed upon them.   

     Deuteronomy 8:18 says, “But thou shalt remember the LORD Thy God: for it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.”     

     Thank you everyone for your prayers and for responding so quickly and so faithfully!  We are now in the process of getting the team scheduled to install the engine this January.  Thank you, Father in Heaven, for providing so generously through your people. Glory be to your name alone. Amen! 

The Cessna 425 ready for it’s engine to be installed.

I would like to help!

If you’d like to send your gift through the mail please make your check out to Gospel Ministries International and write “USA Aviation Projects” on the memo. Send it to the following address:

Gospel Ministries International

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GMI TV has been live streaming every Sabbath from 9am- 1pm EST. We broadcast speakers live from Bolivia.

Connect with us in Telegram to received announcement.

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     Ramah Mission is still working in Haiti! Our “Stay in School Program”, which began in 2014, is designed to assist parents who cannot afford to keep their children in school and adults who cannot afford to continue their secondary studies. 

     In 2017, we had 124 students graduate from our life skills class. We started a clinic in Cap Haitian where we hired 25 of the graduates. Currently, we have students working as Bible workers, some holding monthly evangelistic series that have led to baptisms. We also have a group involved in the prison ministry. They have brought to the faith about 100 baptisms!     

     Ramah Mission has recently extended its services to the Dominican Republic. This year we received an invitation to help a group of Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic who have had very challenging life experiences. They have a lack of healthcare and the children can’t attend school due to their immigration status. A group of six volunteers from Ramah Mission went there the first week of September and taught them about optimal health from following the eight laws of health. We also introduced natural remedies to treat stomach illnesses, pains, and other inflammatory conditions.

Every single person that we met suffered from at least one of these diseases, if not all of them. We also covered some of the Daniel 2 message and the true Sabbath of the Ten Commandments. On the last day, the whole congregation stood up to accept Saturday as the true day of rest. While there, we donated 60 bibles, 30 bags packed with school supplies, 60 packs of toiletries, some tracks, Steps to Christ, The Great Hope, Ten Commandments, and a sack of food for about eighty people.

     Our next project is to begin a small  clinic and a church school in the church building. To establish the clinic, we will need natural supplements, blood pressure machines, blood sugar monitors, thermometers, as well as funds to support this project. There are, of course, some challenges. We need a lot of prayers. But God has blessed us greatly and we pray that He will send volunteers to continue the work that we have started!

If you’d like to send your gift through the mail please make your check out to Gospel Ministries International and write “Ramah Mission School” on the memo. Send it to the following address: 

Gospel Ministries International

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     When we first went to Haiti to explore the opportunities for a ministry, we took a walk in the central part of Haiti and happened to meet a young girl who was at the time around 14 years old. It was school time when we saw her and we asked her why she was not in school. She told us that she was sent back home because she did not have money for school.  We asked to go to her house to meet her parents and found out that she was living with her grandmother. Her parents died during the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

     Before choosing her as our first candidate for the program, we asked her to show us proof that she had been going to school. She showed us a small notebook and said she had no money to buy books or other school supplies.

     From that day on, she has been under our wings. She is a very intelligent young girl with a lot of potential. She asked us to support her in learning a trade while still in high school. 

     Last year we sent her to an arts and crafts program that one of our graduates was leading. 

To our surprise we received a good report that she was extending her one week stay for an additional week so she could learn

that she was extending her one week stay for an additional week so she could learn how to pray and have devotions. 

     It was the first time she had been around people professing Christian faith. It had such a strong influence on her that when she went back home she began to go to a Seventh-day Adventist church.  



Caribbean Life and Health seeks to inform every one of the importance of the Health message and the soon coming of Jesus. We are very concerned about the various health issues that many people are experiencing. Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD), such as high blood pressure and diabetes, are very prevalent! Our goal is to assist people in avoiding NCDs and help those who have them to recover.   

     The situation in the world today has many people concerned and worried about the future. They want to understand what is happening and how they can survive. As we interact with these people, we teach the gospel of Jesus and His soon return. This is the instruction given by God via the prophetess E.G. White for these last days.     

We encourage SDA church members and interested persons to join us by praying, using their skills to assist us with programs and providing financial contributions to help cover expenses. Please feel free to contact me at (246) 239-9917 for more information.

If you’d like to send your gift through the mail please make your check out to Gospel Ministries International and write “Caribbean Life & Health” on the memo. Send it to the following address: 

Gospel Ministries International

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