Uncle David’s 1st Quarter Frontlines Report


Uncle David’s Message



Dear brothers, sisters and family,

Greetings from Bolivia, South America. About 3 weeks ago, as I was on my way north for a speaking appointment in the U.S., I stopped in Brazil and Guyana to spend time with the team there and then planed on going on to Puerto Rico, Miami and Tennessee.

Along the way I heard that due to the virus that borders were closing and I decided to contact the people I had appointments with and they said â€œWe believe that this may be a long term situation, and are praying about it. Please can we move these meetings to a later time?”

I was very grateful and agreed! So, I turned around and headed back to Brazil, then Bolivia and I got into Bolivia 24 hours before the borders were closed. I’m so grateful to be at home with my family and to be able to continue the work from here, while taking care of the needs of the people here and coordinating missionary efforts.

No matter where we are, people are being affected in a great way, some countries worse than others. I heard that in Guyana there is food rationing. Here in Bolivia, there’s no rationing. You can go to the market on the day you are assigned and you should be able to find the food that you need, and we’re grateful for that.

Countries with travel restrictions (RED Color) Shutdown.

But things are going to get tighter and tighter as factories are being closed and the supplies dwindle, it’s likely to get worse! Plus, the fact that the Bible says that in in these last days worse things are coming upon the world. I’m just praying that the angels will hold the winds and there will be a reprieve for a time so God’s people can do what they’ve known they must do for a long time.

We were told to move out of the cities, to country homes or country property, and to be prepared to move as fast as possible to make sure they have gardens planted and trees planted. Here in Bolivia, we started a long time ago. We have projects going forward in Guyana, projects going forward in Brazil. I know there are other countries also going forward as soon as possible, but no matter what we do or how fast we do it, it just seems not enough. Only God’s blessings can pull us through!

Food rationing and empty shelves in many food supermarkets, and grocery stands.

But I want to express my confidence that God is in control. God is certainly in control and He is going to mitigate the devil’s plan in order that His people will have an opportunity to wake up and do what they need to do. It’s harder today than it would have been if we started a year ago or 5 years ago. Let’s pray that God will provide opportunity and that indeed we will be able to make a move and do it. Don’t be relaxing calmly until the storm arrives or think once everything turns better that it will stay better. This is the moment of opportunity to leave the city before further destruction comes upon it.

Jerusalem symbolically means the big cities. Maybe now it’s too late to be living in big cities, it’s time to be in the country, but we must continue to work in the cities. We continue with evangelism in the cities, we must continue to broadcast to the cities and do medical missionary work, but we must live in the country, where we have privacy, food, and water. God is preparing the way and we trusted He would! We’ve been so very grateful that God has kept us going. In fact, the ministry is growing even in this very difficult time. We’re expanding into more areas as we’re preparing the country homes and we have food and are going forward.

Jerusalem symbolically means the big cities.

Aviation travel has been stopped for the moment, unless there’s a life or death situation. We can’t fly anywhere, but if there should be a life or death situation, the government will allow a medi-vac flight for an emergency situation, at least for now here in Bolivia.

Each of us in our own way is going to be affected and we need to learn to trust God more. We need to learn to be obedient, strictly obedient to God’s instructions in regard to diet. Spend more time in prayer and more time with the family and live more healthfully, to be more physically active. At the same time become involved more and more in God’s work helping and caring for others as well.

I pray that we have opportunity to communicate again. In the mean time, we are putting sermons on the internet about Jesus’ coming in English and Spanish. You can find these messages in several locations on YouTubeFacebook and RedAdvenir.org, which is our network here in Bolivia where sermons are being recorded.

May God bless each of you as we go through this time. Remember, this is a preparation time. There’s greater days for the church ahead. There’s rough days ahead, but the Holy Spirit will prepare His people, seal His people and then we will be able to go as a team, shoulder to shoulder!

Let us not pull apart now, let us press together, press together, press together! Jesus is coming soon! God Bless You!

From the Frontlines this is,

Uncle David


Frontlines Mission News

A Year of Programs
GMI Media Team

This is the headquarters building 


In August of 2018, my wife Marie and I (Alan Mathieu) headed for GMI, Tennessee, USA to volunteer in the media department. Before arriving I had had dared to think that all the positions would be filled! We found that the media director was moving to another ministry and there was only one other media volunteer in the department.

Praise the Lord, we now have two full time volunteers including myself, who do the set preparation, recording, editing, graphic art and music. Another four part time volunteers, in addition to their other projects with GMI, participate with the media department in producing programs, filling roles as on screen guests or moderators. We also have two teenagers helping part time with camera work and projects of their own design. (see What is Christmas for You? on our YouTube channel). There are more needs and still room for more volunteer workers! See the volunteer roles listed near the end.

GMI Media Team Full Time and Part Time together. From Left to Right back row: Alan, Oseas, Jose, Daniel, Dio and Craig. Front row: Marie, Sophie, Hilda and Marlene.


Last year we converted a 24 X 24 storage area into Studio B. It was designed to be able to be easily re-arranged into at least three different sets, making very good use of a small space!

We are also using an office for a third studio we call Studio C. It has a big picture window and book cases that make a nice background. In nice weather we occasionally let the outdoors be our studio!

The largest portion of the facility space is dedicated for use as the Little Light Studios ministry set.

Little Light Studios set.

Our Audio Studio has been remodeled for better use in recording music and voice.

Chair in sitting position.

View out the picture window in Studio C on the north side of GMI.

Studio B set with black background. The piano and performer are illuminated from above and the background appears black.


We have had in the past only one GMI YouTube channel containing both English and Spanish videos. We have added a new channel – Gospel Ministries International en Español – to help our viewers more readily find Spanish language programs.

The Spanish programming from our GMI YouTube channel will be transitioned over to this new Spanish channel as our viewers become acquainted with it. Please, remember to click on SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss getting our current programming schedules.


We are excited to be producing four weekly programs, two GMI series, three or four series for other ministries, as well as developing new program ideas and helping produce marketing material. That’s a lot!

Below is the list of programs produced over the last year and made available to GMI networks around the world. If you haven’t already been watching, they are available on our original GMI YouTube channel, and on our GMI Spanish channel.

Uncle David giving his monthly Frontlines Mission Reports


1. The Sanctuary Pathway:
This is a series on the sanctuary presented by Karen Styer of Mountain Refuge Ministries. There are 18 videos that cover the various parts of the sanctuary. The last video is a sermon on the sanctuary that brings out the work currently being done in the Most Holy Place, the Judgement of the Living and how this affects us.

2. Sacred Books:

This is a series on the books of the Bible. So far we have covered Galatians through Jude. Dio Dominguez is the presenter. The programs are between 7 – 12 minutes in length and share some of what is in the book in an effort to inspire the viewer to read it for themselves. We will be continuing with this series in 2020.

3. Libros Sagrados:

Spanish version of Sacred Books.

4. Hogar Cristiano:

The Spanish version of book The Adventist Home by E.G. White. Presentations by Dio and Marlene Dominguez using the Spirit of Prophecy book of the same name as a starting point for discussion and engaging thoughts and ideas on how to have a better home and the spirit of Christ in the family. Look for more of these programs through the year.

5. Cathars:

Dr. AlbertoTreiyer presents this series on the experience of the Albigensian’s of France. There are many clips of the actual sites as Dr. Treiyer travels around France. Some of the slides have disturbing images related to the persecution being discussed.

6. Los Cátaros:

Spanish version of the Cathars with Pastor Treiyer. Some of the slides have disturbing images related to the persecution being discussed.

7. Great Taste! Plant Based!:

Here are a few tasty presentations on various plant based recipes. Some are short and some encompass a full meal.

8. Little Lambs Children’s Stories:

Here are the 20 stories from “My Bible Friends” read by Marie Mathieu to some of our local missionary children and pets.

9. Hora De Historias De Las Ovejitas:

The Spanish version of Little Lambs Children’s Stories the 20 stories in “My Bible Friends”.

10. Vitality Academy:

Short presentations on the 8 laws of health. Lots of clips with voice-overs to create interest in learning about health.

11. NEW! Moments of Peace:

Beautiful visual material with sacred music.

12. Scripture Songs:

Spiritual songs in English based on Bible verses.

13. Cantos de La Biblia:

Spiritual songs in Spanish version based on Bible verses.

14. Sabbath School Q1 2020:

Commentary by Dr. Alberto Treiyer on the Sabbath School lessons on Daniel.

15. Escuela Sabática 1T 2020:

Spanish commentary by Dr. Alberto Treiyer on the Sabbath School lessons on Daniel.

16. What is Christmas for You?:

Personal interviews and commentary on Christmas. Produced by our teens, Danny and Jose Dominguez.

17. Preserving Food, Preserving Life:

Demonstration of canning and drying food along with Biblical background.

More videos on the way explore mental health, globalization, massage, the 1888 General Conference, and mission stories!


We’re always looking for creative ways to use our limited space and resources but there are still some needs. We need a new MAC computer suitable for video editing (one of our MACs recently died). You can see from the program list that we do a lot of editing!

Speaking of editing, it would make a big difference to have another volunteer to help with video editing. The difficulty is that the editing needs to be done here on our GMI campus. The video source files are just too big to transfer back and forth to remote sites for editing. We also need to work directly with each other to cross train and produce a consistent product in a timely way.

Translations, on the other hand, can be done remotely. A â€œvoice-over” in a different language can help a video reach many more people. Voice recording equipment is needed if working remotely. We have expertise in English and Spanish but could use help with French, German, Portuguese and other European and Asian languages.

If you are comfortable in front of a camera, articulate and can think on your feet, maybe you would like to work with us on-screen. Of course, you need to be local or within easy traveling distance.

We need graphic designers to help with video intros, promotional materials, social media marketing, etc. It is a big plus if the designer is also experienced in creating and maintaining websites!

We write scripts for some of our programs. Others, such as the cooking shows, are ad-libbed. We are interested in creating new programs that share the advent message, which requires a writer, or maybe more than one writer, to do the research and write the script.

I think volunteers and donors alike want to hear how the mission projects in the field are progressing and how the missionaries are doing. We would like to bring those reports to you but it is difficult for missionaries in the field to find the time to sit down and write articles. We think a way to accomplish this is to have a “reporter” call the missionary and interview them on the phone. The missionary can also send snapshots from their phone. With these, an article can be written without relying so much on the initiative of the missionaries. We are looking for a volunteer who can serve as the reporter!


  • Video editors (at GMI) 
  • Translators and voice-over talent (can be remote)
  • On-screen talent (recording at GMI)
  • Graphic Designer for marketing, social media, websites (can be remote)
  • Content creators/writers (can be remote)
  • Reporter: phone interview missionaries to create articles for newsletters and social media. (can be remote)


  • New MAC computer suitable for video editing
  • Resources to building new sets and props


We are a small team so we all can get involved in more than just one specialty. We all help in recording programs and even being the talent in front of the camera! The point is not to win a Golden Globe award but to share the good news of salvation and the Adventist message! Even though we are right here in Tennessee about six miles from Southern Adventist University, we are still missionaries and have dedicated ourselves to do whatever is needed with whatever God gives us. Of course, we aren’t perfect and God uses trials for our character development sometimes. But, hey, isn’t that character what we asked for? A humble, selfless, Christ-like attitude?

So what has God put in your heart to do? 

If He inspires you to be a part of this dedicated team working to save souls, you can apply at http://www.gmivolunteers.org/. Call us or email. We will be happy to talk with you!

Volunteer Coordinator Englishbabi@gospelministry.org

Volunteer Coordinator Spanishramosh@gospelministry.org

Phone: 423-473-1841


God Bless,

Alan Mathieu
Media Director


(858) 335-4069


Para subscripciones en Español missionreports@gospelministry.org

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