Uncle David’s 2nd Quarter Frontlines Mission Report

Uncle David’s Message

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Family,  

It matters where we look with our eyes and it matters what our hearts are focused on. Many have set their eyes on the world, on wealth and on self, and it isn’t helping them find true happiness. Where did Jesus focus His eyes? Always on His Heavenly Father. That gave Him courage and a clear understanding of His purpose.

     Remember the story of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles? Jehoshaphat was a good king because he kept his eyes focused on God. At the beginning of the story, the choir comes out to meet the enemy, which was “a great multitude” the Bible says, singing praises to the Lord. It appeared that they were about to be eradicated as a people and yet they were praising the Lord! Recently, we have been attacked by “a great multitude.”

     In February, we were informed by Bolivian authorities that two airplanes, one that belongs to another pilot, and the one that belongs to the ministry, were being considered abandoned and we were accused of using them in illegal drug trafficking. This was of course a complete falsehood, devised and crafted by the devil against us. Our paperwork has been in order and there has never been any illegal use of either plane.

     After learning of the accusations, our natural reaction was fear.  Unless God intervenes, the officials would pursue not only the planes, but the owners of the planes, as well as the ministry that operates the planes. God wants us to act as Jehoshaphat did. We began reading the “instructions” from Jehoshaphat. First: “Believe the Lord your God and you shall be established.” And second: “Believe His prophets and you shall prosper.” (2 Chronicles 20:20) We have to believe God’s word and His promises, like those found in 2 Chronicles 20:15; Psalms 34:7; and John 14:27. Jehoshaphat also believed God’s prophets, as we do today. In Christian Service p.204, Mrs. White wrote, “We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history.”

     We fought our fears for over a week. We prayed, read and focused on God’s word and asked you, our faithful friends, to intercede in prayer. Thousands prayed — and then something changed. A great peace came into our hearts.   Before the police vacuumed the airplanes, we stood by the planes and I prayed with everybody there, including the police, the prosecuting attorney, the pilots, and our media team, for God to direct every step of the process and to block anything that would dishonor His name. As the officials finished working on the first plane, I went to the other plane and prayed over it also. Immediately God’s response came to me, “Don’t worry David, My angels have never stopped guarding this plane.” What assurance filled my heart!  

     We have great reason to rejoice, because our heavenly Father continues to watch over us. As of today, God has completely exonerated us, as well as the planes. The authorities notified us that they have closed our case. God answered ours prayers and defended our cause!

     We rejoice because God has won the battle! We are grateful in a special way for each of you who continue to pray for us and those who have written letters to encourage us! Now is the time to stand firm and to draw near to one another in fellowship and prayer. Now is the time to ready ourselves for the battles that lie ahead.  

Be of good courage and God bless!


From the Frontlines,

Uncle David



     It is with deep appreciation for his years of service to GMI that we pass along the news that one of our strongest supporters and board members, Markus Jaudas passed away and is now at re awaiting Jesus soon return and the glad resurrection We will miss his valuable counsel and encouragement. Taking the place of Markus Jaudas on our Board of Directors is Brandtley Greenlaw.

     Brandtley was elected to the board and was asked to serve as Vice-president for GMI-North America. He will serve in leadership at our McDonald, TN Headquarters. His responsibilities will focus on the GMI outreach in North America, freeing me to attend to the world wide needs.

     God is already blessing his leadership in GMI. He brings needed guidance and local leadership to our home office and production center in McDonald, TN.

• We are holding consistent, on time worship meetings led by him. These include songs, praise, prayers and requests, a deeply spiritual message and/or study, a progress and activities report related to each department, and any current GMI news items of interest.

• Staff are supportive and responsive to His leadership. Adjustments and changes in responsibilities, duties, and assignments have been implemented where needed and these have taken place smoothly and seem to be producing a more streamlined, service focused work force.

• The focus on the development of media content and how to bring to the world the message of Jesus love and His eminent return during these days of crisis and turmoil is evident and strong.

I am thankful to the Lord and to our board for providing this leadership blessing to GMI in this time of church and world crisis.  With the world situations preventing me from traveling as before, and also being needed in the world field as never before, we are very thankful for more locally focused leadership.


In His service,

David Gates, President



   It is a wonderful thing to be working for the Lord!  If you aren’t doing it you’re missing out!!  What a great time in earth’s history to be alive and seeing the final events taking place and the opportunity to actually see the second coming of Jesus in the clouds of glory!

     We know the final time of the end has started and we are gearing up to spread the Three Angels messages as far and wide as we can in these final hours of earth’s history for the salvation of souls.

     As such, Gospel Ministries North America is expanding its media further into a live stream programmed channel in English to present the Three Angels messages, heart preparation, and other important time sensitive messages to the world that will empower them to make their final decision for eternity.

     Stay tuned for the announcement of the launch of this new live-stream channel that will bring life-saving messages to the English speaking world on the soon coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

     The Lord has called us to preach the gospel unto all nations, and now is the time to fulfill His commission.We are expecting great things from our Father in Heaven as we co-labor with Him to complete His work.


Blessings to you,

Brother in Christ,

Brandtley Greenlaw


changing lives in Guyana

“I promised that one day I would work with the then, Guyana Adventist Mission Aviation Service”

 Shortly after graduating from nursing school in 1993, I was asked to serve as the Associate Director for ADRA-Guyana and the Director was none other than Uncle David (Elder David Gates). I promised that one day I would work with the then, Guyana Adventist Mission Aviation Service, which was in its infancy at the time. Serving as Associate Director for ADRA-Guyana started my journey into mission work, and years later, after having moved and lived in the United States for a time, I and my husband recognized God’s call to the mission fields of Guyana once again, so my family returned to serve.

     Now Guyana Adventist Ministries And Services (GAMAS) is well-established and reflects the multifaceted work being done in Guyana today. I and my husband, Calvin Bollers, and our two daughters, Christia and Christel have been blessed to be part of this work for the last nine years. I currently serve as the Director/Administrator for Bethany Medical Missionary College (BMMC). This includes, but is not limited, to managing, supervising and assisting when and where I am needed; including helping with the cooking, cleaning, gardening and farming. Calvin serves as the Assistant Director, teacher, general maintenance, and is in charge of transportation for the college.


BMMC is a special place. It is physically removed from the city and is situated in the jungles near the coastal regions of Guyana, South America. The school is about one mile from the village of Bethany; which is approximately seven miles up the Supenaam Creek, a tributary of the Essequibo River. The only way to access the school currently is by boat, and then a two mile walk, or a bumpy ride along the jungle path that goes through the middle of Bethany Village

     BMMC runs for 6 months out of each year, from December through June. During this time students from all over Guyana, the Caribbean and South America come to be educated and equipped for service, as co-workers with God. We teach each student the fundamentals of serving as a medical missionary. Classes include guidance in massage, hydrotherapy, healthy cooking, gardening, Biblical foundations for the medical missionary work among other subjects. 

     We feel that through BMMC, God has transformed lives, and healed hearts. As a direct result of home visits and Bible studies, we have witnessed those in the community having a stronger relationship with God. We see this in many ways, including new believers being baptized, improved relations within families, and an increase in marriages and church attendance. One particular story especially illustrates how God has used BMMC and the work that the staff is doing to help change lives. The following story is from a recent BMMC student in her own words.


Shellon's Story

“I’m now a young lady of 18 years. I gave my life to God through baptism in 2014. A few months before, I had become acquainted with the Bollers, a missionary family who attend the Bethany SDA Church, in the village where I lived. They have 2 daughters, the eldest being about my age and they being as friendly as I am, our friendship grew to the point where my younger sister and I would enjoy Sabbath dinner with their family.                                         

     By the time I turned 16, Ms. Gale and Sir Calvin (the missionary couple) became more involved in my life. Assisting in tangible ways to ensure that I could complete my secondary education, which was sporadic due to my adverse family circumstances. Growing up with a stepfather and a mother – both of whom did not have full time jobs and six siblings was very difficult. I was in and out of school, back and forth between relatives. 

 At age 17, I was out of school again. My aunt, with whom I was staying at the time told me she could no longer afford to send me to school. It was hard hearing such words. I wanted to finish school, but how? I had to return to the home of my mother and stepfather. While back at home, I saw Ms. Gale, my second mother, and we talked. The next thing I knew, Ms. Gale and Sir Calvin had a talk with my parents.

 I agreed with their proposal and my parents consented for me to be at Sipparuta Mission Academy (SMA), one of the schools operated by GAMAS. I was happy. Here is another opportunity for me to complete my secondary education. Unfortunately, my happiness was short-lived, as SMA closed its doors before I was able to complete my exams, which signify the completion of high school education in Guyana. Disappointed, I returned home, wondering what would life be like for me now. I didn’t have to wonder very long. 

     One night in Dec. 2019, my stepfather came home drunk and I fled from the house to escape verbal and physical abuse. It was late at night, nevertheless, I ran. I took a paddle and our boat to get away. After arriving at a neighbor’s house, I borrowed their phone and called Ms. Gale. I asked if they could come and get me. I did not want to return to our house. They came and got me, and together we went back to get my belongings. From that time, the Bollers took responsibility for me.

I lived on the campus of BMMC since the night I ran away. A place I always wanted to be and most of all living with a family I admire and consider to be my own family – the Bollers Family. I was accepted for the Medical Missionary training program in 2020 at BMMC. It changed my life. Although it was challenging, and me being the youngest in the class, I was still able to complete the program. BMMC-GUYANA is where I came to know God more. That is why I am praising and thanking Him everyday.

     Currently, I am working in the campus kitchen, preparing healthy and tasty meals for the students of the 2021 class. I am patiently awaiting the opening of the Lifestyle Center in a few months on campus where I can use the knowledge and skills gained during my training in helping clients through health education and lifestyle changes. 

     Being a child of God makes a big difference in my life. I trust and believe in Him now. It makes me stronger to face all the ups and downs in my life. God is always there for me.”

Shellon's Graduation Class

                                    Shellon’s (middle) graduating class. Summer 2020

BMMC Moving Forward
 BMMC is currently working on finishing the on-campus Lifestyle Center. It will give students a place to put their new skills into action while serving the surrounding community. We also have plans to establish a bakery and continue farming to help our staff and students have a sustainable food source on campus. Our long-term goal and dream is that BMMC could become self-supporting.

     We know we are living in serious times. A time “when every member of the church should take hold of the medical missionary work. Everywhere people are perishing for a lack of the truth that has been committed to us.” 1T p.7.62.  We pray that others will choose a mission field in which they can labor until Jesus comes, whether at home or away. Committed, full-time missionaries are needed in all mission fields. The fields are truly ripe and ready for harvest and God’s bidding is His enabling!


  1. 40 HP Yamaha outboard engine – $5,000 USD 
  2. Water tower for the campus – $2,000 USD  
  3. Two commercial bread mixers        
  4. Tractor for farming – $25,000 USD
  5. Main water tower – $2,000 USD
  6. Small truck to transport farm produce
  7. Specially built boat to transport farm produce
  8. Finances to pay workers
  9. Solar system for the Lifestyle Center


  1. Farm Manager
  2. Lifestyle Center Manager/Director
  3. Baker (both short-term and long-term volunteers needed)
  • *It would be highly appreciated if they are trained Medical Missionaries


Through GMI – Please specify funds are for BMMC-GUYANA. 

Also indicate if it’s for a specific project on our needs list, OR contact directly at: bethanymmc91@gmail.com


Help BMMC get closer to their goals by supporting them!