Guyana Mission Report: God’s Stupendous Promises

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     David Livingstone

“If you have men who will only come if they know there is a good road, I don’t want them. I want men who will come if there is no road at all.”

A Distant Medical Outreach

Some places are so remote that you can’t even reach them by airplane. Arau Village is one of those locations.  When you fly into the airstrip you have to hike for over an hour to get to the village itself.  Just before I went on vacation I flew a medical team into Arau, and hiked in with them to the village.  While sitting on my bed I noticed that there was an interesting looking book on the bookshelf in my room.  Upon investigation, it turned out to be a book by Dr. Ben Carson entitled “Take the Risk”.  Who would have thought that a book like this would make it to this little known corner of the world?!

Cement, Cement, and more Cement

Flying Cement is hard work since each sack weighs 94lbs.  On top of that, each sack needs to be put in another plastic bag so that the grey cement dust doesn’t coat the inside of my airplane.

As Joy and I were wrapping things up for our departure for vacation, one of my volunteer missionaries sprang a surprise on us and bought 20 sacks of cement for the Kaikan Bible School Project!  Fortunately David Gates was in town and together with the Cessna 340, we were able to get all the sacks transported out to Kaikan Village.

The bible school is almost complete.  Please pray with us that God would place a Godly family over this school so the work can continue forward.

My Biggest, Nicest Passenger

In this line of work, you meet many different types of people, with as many types of personalities.  My all time favorite is a big gentleman (275lbs.) from “Vector Control”.  Vector Control is part of the Ministry of Health, tasked with the hurclean challenge of controlling malaria in the interior.  Because they are doing such critically important work, we try our best to fit them into our flight plan, and help them move around the interior.  

Prayer & Praise

PRAISE: We have another airplane for the project!!!

REQUEST: Please pray that the work would progress quickly, and that we would be able to start flying two airplanes full time by February 2015.

New Volunteers for Paruima

Twenty two years ago I attended a little academy in Singapore called “Far Eastern Academy”.  My favorite teacher was the music teacher, and he had four blond little girls.

Well, Alice (the second oldest girl) has grown up, gotten married and now is volunteering out in Paruima Village at our school.  What a privilege to be able to fly the family out to their new mission field.

Vision for the Future

1.  Our most important task right now is to finish the mission pilot house in Bethany Village.  We have about four months before the Andersons are planning to return, and we must complete this pilot house.  The good news is that it’s approximately 70% complete, but it desperately needs a good well and for the interior to be completed.  I’m working to get materials gathered together, and by the end of the month one of our bible workers will be available to manage the construction.

2.  When Bethany is livable Joy and I will turn our attention to Lethem, to  see about building up a flight base there.  Here in the near future we’ll have two full time pilots and two full time airplanes flying.  By basing up in the North (in Bethany) and the South (in Lethem), we can can effectively cover the entire country.

God’s Stupendous Promises

Every sincere Christian that I know seems to have a short list of bible promises that they cling to when times get tough, or when they face an overwhelming situation.   

I’ll admit it….  I have my own favorites.

At the top of my list are two promises that I come back to, again and again. Philippians 4:19 “And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory, by Christ Jesus.”  And Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it shall be given you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you.”

When I read these promises, it almost seems too good to be true.  Doesn’t it sound like God is offering us a massive blank check, inviting you and I to whip out a pen and to fill in the amount?

Over the last six years that I’ve been flying in Guyana, I’ve seen again and again how God has fulfilled both of these promises my own life.

In six short years, the Lord has provided no less than five different airplanes for me to fly.  Now I have to admit that most of these airplanes were temporary aircraft, available for only a few short months.  But the truth of the matter is that God has always provided an airplane, precisely when we needed it most, so we could stay in the air.  And the last airplane, which we are currently flying, has been serving in Guyana for nearly three and a half years.  Isn’t God amazing?!

But our needs go far beyond airplanes.  In fact the biggest need that I’ve encountered in this line of work is the need for good missionary pilots.

Yet even in this, God has been faithfully fulfilling his promise.

A year and a half ago, the Lord brought another pilot family into our GAMAS Aviation Program.   The Anderson family, incidentally, is also from the state of Oregon, and Todd Anderson is a commercially rated pilot, and a licensed airplane mechanic.

Since they’ve come to Guyana, we’ve been working slowly but surely toward getting Todd checked out to fly in Guyana’s jungle interior.  At one point it looked as if Todd would complete his new pilot checkout, but because of maintenance delays, and a scheduled furlough, the Anderson family has had to travel back to the States for a little vacation.

But perhaps the most exciting recent turn of events is that God has provided us yet another airplane for our project to use!  Unbelievable but true.  The sixth airplane in six years!   One of our other GMI aviation projects has graciously offered us the use of a Cessna 180 which has been sitting in storage.

There are come clear advantages to this plane.

First of all the airplane has most of the “bush modifications” already installed, so this will save us significant amounts of time in preparing the plane for Guyana.  Secondly, the airplane comes with a newly overhauled engine.  This is huge since we fly long stretches of time over an unbroken jungle canopy.  We need a reliable engine.  Third, the plane comes with some upgraded fuel tanks, landing gear, and a new engine mount to make the airplane stronger and more rugged.

But there are some challenges that we face with this airplane as well.  After the airplane flew up to the States six years ago for an engine overhaul, it was partially disassembled, and stored in a hanger and a garage.  While we have all of the individual pieces, it’s going to take a couple mechanics 3 to 4 months of solid work to fix up this airplane so it’s airworthy.  The tail section needs some sheet metal work done, and the airplane desperately needs a new paint job before it flies down to Guyana.

After discussing our plan of attack together with the Andersons, they have graciously chosen to delay their return to Guyana.  In a week or to they will relocate to Collegedale Tennessee where the airplane is currently located, so that Todd can oversee the reassembly of the plane.

By January, I hope to fly up to the States, and together, the Andersons and I will fly the airplane through the Caribbean back to Guyana.

With two full time pilots and two airplanes we can fly anywhere in Guyana in less than and hour and a half!

We’re praying that within three years we’ll have three full time pilots and three full time airplanes serving from three different locations throughout Guyana.

Missionaries Wanted

We have openings for missionary workers:

  • Bible Workers to do training and evangelism.
  • Construction Workers for different projects around Guyana.
  • Media Worker to help run the video and print work.
  • Pilots and Mechanics to build up the aviation program.

Fill out an Gospel Ministry International Application today and indicate your interest in Guyana

Join the Team

If you would like to help the missionary work go forward, you can send a tax deductible donation to:  Gospel Ministry International, PO Box 506, Collegedale Tennessee 37315.  Kindly write on a separate note that it is for Guyana Aviation Evangelism project (GAVE)

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