Guyana Aviation Maintenance Update

God is still providing!

What a blessing it has been to watch this process!

Hello Friends – new and old!

A special “Hello” to all of our new friends we made at Washington Camp Meeting this year! I could write an entire newsletter about what a blessing camp meeting was to me! I was so touched by how many people came to tell me they have been praying for our family! THANK YOU! Our family survives on prayers! -Cas

I know a lot of you have heard most of this story, but I’m going to tell it one more time. It starts like this, Once upon a time, there was a little family from the Pacific Northwest that God called to do mission work in Guyana…
Last September when our furlough was ending, it was time to think about heading back down to Guyana. We got a call from our organization letting us know there was an old plane that had been in Guyana for years that needed fixing up – if we wanted to come fix it we could take it down to Guyana. It wasn’t the plane Todd had wanted, but after much prayer, we felt God leading in that direction. We went to Tennessee (where the plane was) to begin the work in October.
It was quickly apparent that this plane needed more (time and money) than we were willing to invest in it. In December we began praying for clarity. Why did we go all the way to Tennessee? What were we supposed to do? A plane for sale in Illinois popped up on Todd’s radar. He and another pilot/mechanic went to go look at it. They ended up offering all the money in the bank – $15,000. The owner had two other cash offers (of $35,000 and $45,000) on the plane – but he felt led that this plane should go to the mission field. He told us if we could raise our offer by $10,000 the plane was ours.
We had no idea where we would come up with $10,000 but we prayed and prayed. Less than 24-hours later, the full amount needed had been pledged to us. We were able to purchase the plane and a few weeks later Todd flew her down to Tennessee.

But this plane needed an engine overhaul, and several modifications to fly safely in the jungle conditions.

Again we took it to the Lord in prayer. $9,000 was donated to begin the work. Soon after a plane was sold and we were able to put the proceeds towards the engine overhaul. It seemed God was providing everything we needed for this plane at just the right time.

And then the money ran out.

The funds we had received covered the engine overhaul and all the modifications to make the aircraft safe in the jungle. But there were quite a few things that we still wanted – rear folding seats that would allow room for a patient on a stretcher (and other awkward-shaped things we carry in the plane); new front seats to replace the heavy ones that came in the plane. Every pound we can save now is a pound of supplies going in the jungle for years to come. Todd also wanted to replace the carpet with rubber flooring to reduce time cleaning the plane after an airsick passenger or a bleeding patient. There are still a few things on the “not vital but still needed” list.

We’ve also had some unexpected expenses pop up, such as the engine mount. Todd planned on painting it but found it needed more than paint. He found corrosion on it and for safety decided it needed an overhaul. He also found the brake disks had gone bad and needed replaced.

Friends, we just got our June report and praise the Lord, money has once again come from unexpected places to help cover some of the still needed items. Over and over we have been able to see God provide for this airplane – often in surprising and expected ways. It’s thrilling to see God’s provision in action. And what is even more thrilling is knowing that the plane is nearing completion and soon we’ll be planning our flight down to Florida, along the Caribbean islands, and into Guyana. It’s overwhelming to think about funding an aviation program already – but after seeing God provide even for rear folding seats, we know He has a plan for this little pilot family and this plane. It’s so exciting to think about what He has in store!

I know this story isn’t finished, but this chapter is about to end and the next one is about to begin. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.


Work completed:
Heavy-duty landing gear installed
Engine parts inspected and repaired
HF Radio parts purchased
Quick-removal door hinge pins installed
Propeller overhauled
Fuel steps purchased
Battery area corrosion removed
Autopilot and extra navigation equipment removed
Cowling repaired and painted
Engine mount overhauled

Work in progress:
Painting engine parts
Installing engine mount
Preparing for engine assembly
Working on corrosion protection
Resealing windows
Installing fueling steps

Up Next:
Paint exterior of plane
Install rubber flooring
Assemble and install engine
Install propeller
Purchase and install engine monitor
Purchase and install rear-folding seats
Purchase left seat
Reupholster seats
Install HF radio

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! You should see another update from us in the next 2-3 months letting you know 1- the plane is safely flying and 2- when we’re headed back down. Todd will need to fly the plane quite a bit before we take it over the ocean. If you’re interested in coming to Tennessee and taking a ride before we fly out, let us know!

Thank you again!!!

Todd, Cas, Amelia, and Samuel Anderson


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