How is your Faith?

Dear David and GMI team,

I never once doubt HIS divine providence although financially we’re experiencing a long drought. But like you said… We’re still working, what more can we ask for, right?

God will be delighted to deliver us just in time from what may seem to be financial failure to those who half-believe, those making mockery of these faith-driven projects.

The enemy of souls hates this work and he’s working through our weary souls to convince that this isn’t going to work. But little do we realize maybe it’s simply we haven’t surrendered enough; we haven’t even been sanctified by the very truth we claim to carry forward; or we simply haven’t sacrificed enough. We cannot ask for money even it’s for advancing HIS work, when we know that some is kept reserved for our own “safety”. Or another reason for this delay is that we may not be working smart or effectively: too much overhead, unecessary expenses, etc..

It’s perfect time to keep self-searching with the work of the Holy Spirit.

But to keep you all in good spirit that HE IS STILL WORKING, here’s some updates this November. By His guiding Spirit people are coming to the truth:

  1.  A lady in Manado, asks for Spirit of Prophecy books after following our book reading programs. I hand delivered last week.
  2. A catholic viewer in Borneo is asking to join our church after following HCBN.
  3. A man has been enjoying our music and he joined the church, baptized last month through music and worship studies.
  4. Last week at West Indonesia Union annual meeting when HCBN presented annual progress, the Conference President of West Timor, reported that their local Regent Governor has now left his previous faith of bowing to images of Mother of Jesus, and with 300 some members church is now worshiping on sabbath, no work, no trades, closed shops. HCBN’s now asked by SDA church to come early next year to conduct 2 week long harvest meeting.
  5.  With so much interest in that region we’re offered a house by a non-SDA to open a branch there for radio/television studio. We’re invited by 200 non-SDA youths bible study group to speak about Christian lifestyle, Adventist beliefs, etc.
  6.  We’ve been invited regularly to teach Adventist beliefs in small groups in Manado, and a 500-members of Independent messianic Christians. The leaders are faithful viewers. They watch LITERALLY every single program we air. When nature video starts, they’d call and consult, calling us everyday since October.
  7. West Indonesian Union now plays our TV programs in the lobby, cafeteria, hallways, etc. Very solid relationship now, and coming to the East Indo now, replicating the work. Tough roads ahead but HE will open ways.
  8. Revival is taking place in SDA churches now, they ask for videos, etc.

With so much developments, financial shortage is only a sign of the Lord asking us to consider how serious this work is, and it’s NOT our will, not our time. But HIS. Please pray for Flyaway SNG broadcast antenna, a small airplane to station in Bali to effectively reach Kupang, Alor, West Timor areas regularly.


God bless,

Ramon Tengkano

HCBN Indonesia

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