Lassin Update

12 Jan ’12

It’s been a very busy month and a half and a lot of things have been happening in and around Lassin. Just yesterday close to our school a dead cow was found, poisoned suspectedly by the farmer on whose farm it was found. I missed most of the action, but I did see scores of people running through our school with cutlasses. I later found out it was a rush to divide the free meat.These people need lots of health reform.

We have been studying with some families and showing the New Beginnings Study on the projector and so far their response has been positive. After the study is over they send a barrage of questions. Praise the LORD for true education, we always have the right answers for them. How ever these 8 day market day cycles sometimes wreck havoc with our study times coz of people’s availabilty.

December was quite eventful. We had a camp meeting for the newly formed Bamenda district 2(Noni) and it was a very pleasant experience for us Lassinites. Everything went smooth and the presentations were uplifting.To top December off the much awaited and anticipated Noni new testament was launched on the 23rd with much fanfare.

Also around the same time we started personal ministries, visiting the sick and elderly and praying for them as well as meeting those needs which they can’t take care of or have no one to take care for them. Also having obtained a copy of the Noni new testament Naphtaly has been reading select scriptures to them in their own tongue and they have been loving and appreciating it. Praise The LORD!

The school has seen increased activity as we try to get all our building needs (bricks,steel rods etc and lumber) to finish the last classroom block before the rainy season comes.We pray that we will also get all the funds we need to get everything done. The LORD will make a way.

The church has not seen any growth and Praise the LORD we have not lost any members. We are currently going through a lot of study and teaching of practical ways to be prepared for the crisis and we pray that our new personal ministry drive as well as other ministries we are doing will bring more people into the knowledge of the truth and they will be able to heed the loud cry. Amen!

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