Lighthouse Romania


Mission Statement

We provide relief to the disadvantaged in the communities that we serve by:

  1. Meeting their immediate physical needs
  2. Providing practical training and education
  3. Offering emotional and spiritual support

Our Vision

God’s Love is our motivation.  It moves us to love others in the same way that Jesus loved. He healed the sick, fed the hungry, and clothed the naked.  He comforted the suffering and provided the way to freedom from sin.  His love causes us to actively love others… especially the “least of these.”

About Us

Lighthouse Romania is a help center for those in need, with the goal of being God’s light in our community. Our home is both a shelter and a community center focused on meeting the needs of those less fortunate. We are located in Radovanu, Romania (about 45 minutes south of Bucharest). The ministry formed in 2006, and in 2008 began the first major project of remodeling the property to serve as a shelter. Now, in 2014, as the ministry home is entering its final stages of development, we have the following current and future projects.

Current Projects

  1. Shelter
    The home is used to house the homeless and those who don’t have a safe place to live. The property supports both the residents and the volunteers with two homes totaling 24 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and 3 kitchens. We have three categories of housing for our residents:

    1. Permanent housing for the homeless elderly
    2. Temporary housing for adults who will reintegrate into society
    3. Temporary/Seasonal housing for children from the local orphanage
  2. Community Center
    The property and ministry resources will provide for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs in our community.

    1. Physical: We provide food, clothing, necessary supplies, health care, and other home services.
    2. Training / Education: Classes offered at our center include: trade/skill training, health education and enrichment, and foreign language and music classes. We also offer tutoring and afterschool programs for children in the village.
    3. Emotional and Spiritual Support are provided via: visitation, Vacation Bible School, Bible studies, and media ministry.

Future Projects

  1. Increase food production capacity by building: a brick oven, a large greenhouse, and an outdoor kitchen for canning.
  2. Open up a seasonal clinic: The clinic room which will be used for various treatments such as: hydrotherapy, basic medical, massage, basic dental, etc.
  3. Tailor shop: Will make items to be sold to help subsidize financial needs.
  4. Store: A store located in front of our house to sell items we make such as: food items, handmade items, and souvenirs as a source of additional income.
  5. Yearly mission trips: beginning July 2014 mission trips will offer concentrated labor to further develop ministry projects and also provide blessings to the missionaries.

Ministry Team

Elena Enache (Barbu) – Manager
Daniel Barbu – Administrator

Ministry Board Members:

Lavinia Collins – Chair Person
David Collins – Board Member
Gabriela Luiza Toma – Board Member

Contact Information