New Hope Radio: Alone but not lonely, physically blind but not without hope

Dear Family of God,


Mr. G lives in a small house nestled at the foot of Shivapuri forest located within few kilometers from the Budhanilkantha where there is that famous statue of a deity that is built in the midst of pond with the carvings of snakes forming the bed wherein is seen lying the deity worshiped and respected by many locals and the country people.


On April 02, 2014 I received a short message stating  “I pray that the New Hope radio program with the good news continues to move ahead.” There was no name of the sender there but I could trace it through the number from where the message was sent to us. Since I was preoccupied with things I thought of calling the person myself to thank the person for listening the program and wishing the success and continuance of the program because after all most people who write or call us either to request for prayers, or with some Bible questions or for some books etc. Even this week, we got two requests for providing a Bible and hymnals etc. So it was very nice feeling for me to read this message where somebody sent to us wishing or blessing or praying for the success of our radio ministry. I later after a day called the person but there was no response. Tried calling the next day after that but no contact could be established. I tried later after about a week, again there was no answer. Finally yesterday again I called the person in the evening while returning home from my work. God is good, the person picked the call and immediately said, “Greetings Dai” (Dai means elder brother).

He could make sense that it was a call from New Hope as he seemed to have saved our number but was not picking the calls initially for feeling shy and was confused what to talk to. Whatever he had to say he had stated in that short message he sent to us at the beginning of this month.

Dear friends radio ministry is one amazing thing. At least in our place we cannot know the numbers of how many people are listening to the program at any given time and I am not sure if there are any mechanisms or tools to know that while I know they have these TRP calculations for the Televisions but I am not sure about the radios. Secondly, if they listen also it is not necessary that all will call us or write to us. And there are people like Mr. G who just go on to write short and sweet message of encouragement to us when the Holy Spirit impresses them. Listeners like them do not want to talk big and lengthy lines. They just come quietly, show their appreciation and move away many times without letting people notice them.

I told him, “You wrote such a beautiful words of blessings and appreciation that I am compelled to track you and say thank you.”

To cut the story short he without losing time and being direct stated “Thank you to you elder brother for trying so hard to get connected to me. I am overwhelmed and want to confess that living between the woods alone I tune into your program every day not because there are no other programs there to listen to but your is the one that sounds like God’s word is coming to me personally. It makes me feel that even in the woods I am not alone and the feeling of loneliness does not trouble.”

It reminded me of the words of Josh Wiley when he said ‘Loneliness is something that many people struggle with. The Bible is comforting for those that are lonely as it assures us we are not alone. God is our creator and is with us.’

“….Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me.” – John 16:32 NIV

I offered a prayer for him before we hanged the phone.

Many of us are not suffering that bad as Mr. S of Sindhuli district who is a blind person. He called me this morning on 16-April-2014 at 07:07AM after listening the special broadcast (a New Year message). For those of our friends who are not familiar with (Himalayan country) calendar we just entered into a new year 2071 BS three days ago. We live in a small country with rich diversity. There are people celebrating several new years i.e the English new year, (Himalayan country) new year, Buddhist new year, Shakya/Newar new year etc. We try our best to weave our messages to make it more personal to the listeners to make them feel that God is indeed involved in the affairs of life.

I asked this brother blind by physical sight as to since how long he has been listening the program? He answered saying “Since months.” I thanked him and assured him that the extra godpod I have will be kept for him to be handed to him in future. He amazed me further saying, “Pastor (I am not a Pastor though) I might be blind physically right?”

“Yes” I replied back.

“But not without hope, yeah.” He just declared it.

“Very right!” I shouted back in excitement. And that is what we are preaching friends.

“The blind receive sight, ……..and the good news is proclaimed to the poor.”-Matthew 11:5 NIV

Dear friends, Today I am not writing to ask you saying, please help us with resources and gifts because you know our struggles too well for me to write every time to you dear friends about it. Today I am just writing to you to encourage you to say thank you Lord for these miracle stories and the people who are receptive of your Word. We all know God has answered our prayers in the form of people hearing our broadcasts. When a single listener calls me to appreciate the message we preach I forget my ministerial struggles and the feeling of my hands and feet being chained with limited resources. I cannot perhaps ever fully explain the joy I feel when I hear people’s “We are listening” responses. And I truly mean it.

God bless you all in your respective ministries and life walk with the Master.

Thank you for praying for us and reading these stories.



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