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 “I Touched the Face of God!”

Familia Feliz

By Darian Seals – Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

I have been a volunteer at Famila Feliz Orphanage for less than four months. My life has been more than changed. I can never be the same! I do not want to be the same. I do not want to live a life without the purpose and joy that I have here every single day. Whether I am teaching, playing or kissing my little boy’s goodnight; I know there is nowhere else I would rather be. Each of these forty-five children have smiles and stories that have stolen my heart forever. I guarantee that they will steal your heart too!

Last Sabbath the local pastor came to our church. He came to baptize eighteen of our precious kids. I had never seen our church packed it so full. Child after child was baptized. The room was filled with prayers and smiles for each one. It was incredible to see these kids stand in front of loved ones and strangers to declare their love for God. These were the kids I had played with, studied with and prayed with for all those weeks.

Following the service, a call was made for those who wanted to be baptized to come to the front. Seven of the youngest boys I live with stepped forward. They stood up front together. Nervous smiles lit up their faces. I couldn’t help but feel so incredibly blessed that I am part of a very special place helping little one’s come to know and understand the love of God.

Most of these children do not come from Christian upbringing. Very likely they have not heard the name of Jesus before coming to Familia Feliz. This past Saturday was evidence of God’s power at work in this place! Currently we are in exam week. The kids have been up late studying, writing and memorizing for their tests.

All too soon I shall say good-bye to these young ones as they head home for the summer. I shall miss them dearly and wish that they were here. I shall look back on this very special Saturday and remember. I shall remember watching so many of my kids walk forward and dedicated their lives to the Master. I shall remember how evident has been the working of the Holy Spirit on this campus these last several weeks. And then I shall look forward with great anticipation to see how He declares His love and power next.


Editor’s Notes
David Ahles and Mark Cady both live with their families in central New York.  Their keen interest in Familia Feliz sprung from the mission experience of Victoria who lived and worked there during the school year of 2014-2015.  David and Mark are dedicated to the belief that faith and surrender drive missions for Him. They have both seen miracles as the Holy Spirit has led them in this endeavor.  They are striving to create a working network of support for Familia Feliz through connection, communication, action, surrender and compassion.  Contact David at Contact Mark at

Items needed for the mission at Familia Feliz:

Physical Plant Needs (buildings, repairs, new builds, etc.)

  1. Plumbing repairs in all staff houses $800
  2. New septic tank for one of the boys’ dorms $1500
  3. Seven greenhouses to protect crops from heat and the rainy season $1000 each ($7000)
  4. Screen windows replacements in all buildings $300
  5. New metal roofs for three classrooms and two staff houses $7,000   Details to follow on a mission trip to replace roofs.
  6. Fresh paint on all buildings $3000

Equipment Needs (farming, domestic, etc.)

  1. Irrigation system for farm $1000
  2. Two large-capacity washing machines $1400
  3. 2500 watt portable generator  TBD
  4. New pots and pans for kitchen $600
  5. Massey Ferguson front loader for tractor   TBD
  6. Massey Ferguson rear grader for tractor TBD

 Monthly Staff and children needs (food, clothing, bedding, medications, services, etc.)

  1.   Food – $2000/mo.
  2.   Diapers and supplements for Janet – $70/mo.
  3.   Medical supplies – $100/mo.

What can you do today?
The children at Familia Feliz simply would not have their orphanage & school without your support! We want your prayers, your presence and your support.  We plan to solicit your donations to day and your boots on the ground in the future. To provide a US tax deductible gift of compassion and support please use one of the following:

By Check:
Miguel’s SDA Church in Georgia, USA

Milledgeville SDA Church
PO BOX 848
Milledgeville, GA 31059

1.         Clearly label “Familia Feliz” on the check and specific project you are funding
2.         Return check is your receipt or request a receipt

Gospel Ministries International
PO BOX 506
Collegedale, TN 37315

1.         Clearly label “Familia Feliz” on the check and specific project you are funding
2.         Return check is your receipt or request a receipt

By Credit/Debit card or PayPal:
1.         Select “add to cart”
2.         Select country “Bolivia”
3.         Select ministry area “orphanage”
4.         Click on “donate”
5.         Supply demographic information
6.         Supply credit card information
7.         Complete transaction
A receipt is mailed to you within the month

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