PAMAS Helicopter Funding Update

Dear Friends and Family,

We just wanted to update you on the helicopter funds progress. Several of you have already responded and pledged as well and we are now only $50K away from our $300K goal! We can see God’s hand in this as He has worked so quickly in just one week!

We will keep you updated as needed as the funds come in. Thank you so much for your support and prayers for this helicopter! We’ve always said that when God provides a helicopter it will truly be a miracle and we’re seeing that miracle come true now!

By the way, any extra money that comes in will go towards shipping and customs (which could total close to $50,000).

Thanks again!

Dwayne and Wendy Harris
Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services


If you’d like to help with the helicopter fund, simply specify your donation for “PAMAS Helicopter Fund”

Make checks payable to: Gospel Ministries International
Send checks to:
GMI (Gospel Ministries International)
P O Box 506, Collegedale, TN 37315

(For all donations, be sure to specify it for “PAMAS”)

Or donate online at our website:
(be sure to specify donation is for “PAMAS”)


Current Needs:

  • Helicopters
  • School books for Kabulnucan School
  • Side car for Bible worker ($400)
  • Bibles and sharing materials
  • Children’s supplies

Volunteers Needed:

  • Pilots
  • Mechanics
  • Construction/Builders
  • Accountant
  • Medical Missionaries
  • Missionaries with leadership abilities
  • Bible workers
  • Teachers

Prayer Requests:

  • God’s provisions for helicopters for Palawan, Luzon, and Mindanao
  • God’s provisions for the matching funds needed to get the R44 for Palawan
  • Need for local missionary volunteers (Medical and Bible workers) and sponsors –
  • Guidance and provisions for next airbase project in Mindanao
  • Healing of Dwayne’s ongoing headaches (since last year’s Malaria case in Palawan)
  • Continued help for Typhoon Haiyan victims

PAMAS is a faith-based, volunteer-driven organization which aids the Seventh-day Adventist church in it’s mission to carry the great news of the Gospel to the world through the use of aviation and medical ministry. Though not officially affiliated or supported by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, PAMAS is a well-established supporting ministry of the church, working closely with pastors and leaders all over the country. Any services offered or opinions expressed by PAMAS are solely those of PAMAS.


Contact us:
Dwayne’s email:
Dwayne’s phone: 63-9175017018
Wendy’s email:
Wendy’s phone: 63-9175019031


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