PAMAS News: Palawan Mission Trip

Dear friends and family,

We just came back from Palawan earlier this week, helping with another big mission trip group– from Maryland area, Michigan, and California. We had such a blessed time! The group was almost 30 this time! We helped organize the medical missions during the day and three different evangelistic meetings in the evenings in the same areas. The venues were in the depressed areas around Puerto Princessa. The people especially appreciated the eye check-ups and free glasses, the gentle dental care, and the personal counseling and prayers. Oh, and the hand prostheses for those with no hands! We’ll let the pictures tell the stories.

It was a real blessing to be able to work with the pastors and laymen in each of the areas where we ministered. We left all the patient forms (which included the counselors’ notes on who was interested in Bible studies etc.) with each pastor or layman so they could follow up. One church told us they were already following up on 25 patients that had indicated they wanted Bible studies! Some of the patients and Bible interests that had been studying for awhile already made their decisions for Christ and were baptized on our last Sabbath. That was a great privilege for us to witness!

A big thank you to Dr. Norbert and Dr. Gigi and the GVM ministry for organizing and sponsoring the group, as well as for all the donated meds and supplies and donations they left behind for us! What a huge blessing! Thank you also to Pastor Malabad at the Palawan Adventist Mission for hosting the big group and doing such a great job!

During the mission trip, Dwayne took Sean and Pris (new missionaries) to Brooke’s Point to get oriented and also to let Sean get more hours in the Cessna to work on his 10 required hours for his Philippine license. Pris ended up staying to help with the medical missions which was a big help. We also appreciated very much Briane, who also came on the trip to help with the counseling and evening meetings.

Dwayne and Sean helped arrange for equipment to come and finish the airstrip in Brooke’s Point and they helped finish the fence around one end of it. They were also able to take some aerial shots of the Adventist Academy up the road which were needed for their plans for development.

We’re back in Quirino (our place) again and getting alot accomplished on this airstrip finally too, praise God!

More news and pictures to follow in another newsletter,


Wendy and Dwayne

Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services (PAMAS)


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