PAMAS News: Mission Flights Begin

Dear Friends and Family,

I made a couple flights this last week with the twin to some remote areas. I picked up 3 PFM missionaries and the local pastor in Palanan which is on the east coast of Luzon where there is no road access. The only way in or out is by boat or plane. I then made a flight to Basco, Batanes, a group of islands in between Luzon and Taiwan. L.I.G.H.T. in connection with the Northern Luzon Conference has been planning to place missionaries there for awhile, but due to the remoteness of the island it has not been possible. Recently we were able take one of the conference pastors, the LIGHT director, and one missionary up there to prepare the way for the two missionaries that will go there next month. We will provide them air-support as needed. We praise God for this opportunity to help in a small way to further His work.

We had a great time with my parents who visited for a few weeks. We had unusually cool weather, which they enjoyed since they came from very cold Montana. They were a big help on the project and my dad even made Wendy two book cases that she had been asking for.

We have been asked various questions lately that made us realize that others may be wondering the same things so we will share a few of them below.

Question: What are you doing with the airplanes?

There are a number of small, remote islands and coastal areas that have no road access but they have airstrips. We are servicing some of these hard-to-reach areas by transporting missionaries as well as medical teams to assist the work. Airplanes also enable us to open up more areas that have previously been inaccessible to missionaries. Airplanes are good for long distance, whereas helicopters have more limited range and are not as fast.

Question: Why do you need two airplanes?

 We actually could use even more airplanes as we expand into other areas of the Philippines. The 4 seater Cessna is being used for flight training and transporting missionaries. It is also cheap to operate. The 6 seater Twin Comanche is great for inter island work where the distances are greater. It can carry more passengers and supplies.

Question: Why do you need helicopters?

Most of the mountainous areas in the Philippines are so rugged it is impossible to put airstrips. The only way to access these areas is by many hours or days of hiking, or a few minutes flight in a helicopter. Helicopters can land virtually anyway and they are a tremendous help in reaching the many tribal groups in these areas that are often without medical help or education and who are in spiritual darkness.

Question: How many pilots do you have?

 Dwayne is a fixed-wing and helicopter pilot. We have one other helicopter pilot and 2 other new fixed-wing pilots.

Question: Where are you based now?

We are currently in Quirino, northern Luzon, about an 8-10 hour drive (or a couple hours flight) north of Manila. We are finishing up the hangar and airstrip and have recently moved into one of the adjoining hangar apartments. Andriy, the other helicopter pilot, is also there helping to finish the other apartment where he and his family will stay as soon as it is finished. We are all eager for God to provide a helicopter for this large, mountainous island. Our next project will be in Mindanao as soon as we get trained pilots and aircraft in Luzon and Palawan.

Question: What about Palawan?

We still have the project in Palawan with several missionaries and Bible workers continuing to reach the very poor people in those remote areas. We are still anxiously waiting for a new helicopter to replace the old one that we had to sell for parts because it was too old to find replacement parts for.

Question: How do you plan to reach all these remote areas?

We work closely with the church and different mission organizations, helping them to accomplish their task faster by providing medical and air support. We also are in the process of starting a missionary training school in Quirino to help with the great need for more local missionaries.

Question: How do you plan to get helicopters?

We have seen how God provides for His work and we believe that He will provide for this need as well. A Robinson R44 helicopter has been offered to us for a greatly discounted price. It is worth $400,000 and through many of your donations, we are now only lacking $150,000. We thank you very much for your help and for your prayers for God’s continued provisions for this work.


Dwayne and Wendy Harris

Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services (PAMAS)


Current Needs:

  • Helicopters, ($150,000 still needed to purchase one helicopter)

Missionary Training School:

  • Land, $5,000
  • Sponsors for volunteer teachers, ($300/month per family, $50-100/month per single)

Mayoyao and Neighborhood ministries:

  • Bibles and sharing materials, ($5/Bible, $4/100 pamphlets)
  • Blood Pressure Cuffs and Stethoscopes


If you’d like to help, make checks payable to:

Gospel Ministries International *

Send checks to:

GMI (Gospel Ministries International)
P O Box 506, Collegedale, TN 37315.

*Be sure to specify donation is for “PAMAS” and

*Add any additional notes if you wish the donation to go for a specific need

(be sure to specify donation is for “PAMAS”)

Thank you very much!

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