Thank-you Letter From the Nortons


We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to each of you who have taken an interest in finding Bob & Neiba Norton and their airplane which disappeared from our lives two years ago. We have felt overwhelmed with the impossibility of ever finding the crash site in the dense jungle, and helpless to do anything about it. (If something different transpired we are still waiting for facts to back the rumors.) We appreciate Civil Protection of Venezuela for their active part in the search, way beyond the call of duty, and thank them for everything.

As Bob Edwards has communicated to us the providential leadings in the formation of the search team we have felt overwhelmed by all of the hard work and contributions each of you have made. This search effort is something larger than we ever imagined, and we pray that all you are doing won’t be in vain. Since we do not know everyone who has been involved and continues to work on this project we’ve asked Bob Edwards to pass on our thanks by way of this letter to you. Words are not adequate, but we want you to know that we truly appreciate each of you and your interest in finding answers to the disappearance of our family members. That so many people care means a lot.

With Gratitude,

The family of Bob and Neiba Norton

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