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Japan earthquake with 6.4 magnitude hits southern area of country, injuring hundreds

Hi Everyone

Last night in Japan we had a strong earthquake which was M6.5. When I felt the earthquake, I turned on my PC to find where the focus of the earthquake was. It was the place where my parents live.  I called my parents, brother, and my relatives but no one picked up their phones. I was very afraid because 5 years ago, we had the same one which killed 20,000 people. I prayed to God that he saves all of my family.  3 hours later, finally I could talk with my parents. Praise God!!!, They were all fine, but so far 9 people were killed and many people lost their home.

I am going to join ADRA JAPAN next week as a volunteer to help those who lost their home. Please pray for the family who lost their beloved one and their home.
Japan Christian Service International

Director Kimiyoshi Kurihara

Contact: kimiyoshikurihara@yahoo.com

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Urgent Needs:

  • Prayers for blessing and protection
  • Traveling and living expenses
  • Funds to help the relief effort

If you’d like to help

Make checks payable to: 
Gospel Ministries International

Send checks to:
GMI (Gospel Ministries International)
P O Box 506, Collegedale, TN  37315-0506
(Be sure to specify donation is for “Japan Christian Service Int’l” (JCSI)

Online Donations

You can donate online through paypal:  http://gospelministry.org/donations/
Phone:  423-473-1841   Ask for Tim Tillman
Thank you for your prayers and support!
Kimiyoshi Kurihara
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