Light Channel Italy

Light Channel Italy is a media project located in Italy and autonomously run by an association named True Light, a non profit organization committed to spreading the 3 Angels messages throughout the Italian territory.

The channel is managed independetly from church institutions, but fully supports the mission of the Seventh day Adventist Church, and produces and publishes evangelistic media aiming at proclaiming the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The channel (as of Dec 2014) is in contact with church administration to become a recognized supporting ministry of the SDA Church.

A large part of the material that goes on the website,, are voiced over / lip-synched translations from such authors as Walter Veith, Stephen Bohr, Ted Wilson, etc…

The ministry cooperates with other ministries such as Amazing Facts, Amazing Discoveries, Fountainview Academy, Gospel Ministry International, Secrets Unsealed, LLT productions, Little Light Studios, and many others.

Click here to see the videos.

Light channel Italy has been honored to work together with the Geoscience Research Institure of Loma Linda in the production of the Italian version of their creation videos and has also worked with the “Faith and Science Council”, see their website for the videos produced in Italian:

For a more detailed description in Italian about the ministry: click here
Click for a Google translation in English: here)

For donations to this ministry click here

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