Uncle David’s 1st Quarter Frontlines Report

Uncle David’s Message

Standing alone?  Not if you act in obedience

Soon after I recorded “Even at the Doors,” I received a phone call from a dear friend with some kind advice, “David be careful. I am afraid you will be left on an iceberg all by yourself and that could hurt your ministry.”

I thanked him very much for his kind call, but assured him that I have been there before, and if you are doing what God wants you to do, it has never hurt our ministry when called to stand alone. Obeying God might lead to distress and suffering, but always results in a blessing.  Even martyrdom is used by God as a blessing to save others. Their blood was seed for other conversions.

Of course there are many hours in prayer agonizing before the Lord. “Lord, how little we understand. There is so much more yet to be revealed to your people.  Did I do what you wanted me to do?”  God’s peace flooded my find as He assured me that the wake-up call had to be given. The greater the opposition, the more visible the message. “Now people are awake, studying and praying.  Now I can lead those interested in getting ready, and prepare them for the work ahead.”

My wife privately was wrestling with the same question while I was overseas. She finally asked the Lord for a sign without telling anyone. “Heavenly Father. You know we are two months behind on satellite payments. In two days we will be three months behind and our networks will be taken off the air. If the message David presented is of you, please help us pay this month’s bill before month end in two days. If not, then I will let David know.”

When I arrived at the Chattanooga airport on October 31, last year, just days after my airplane accident, we were so thrilled to be alive and together again. As we drove home, our accountant Tim called on the phone to say that we had received a donation sufficient to cover that month’s satellite bill. I couldn’t understand why my wife suddenly started crying. Then she explained her secret request from God. How thrilled we both were at God’s affirmation of the message.

The following morning on November 1, Tim dropped a note in my lap that he had made a mistake the day before. There actually were sufficient funds to pay the entire satellite balance due on all three months. What joy and thanksgiving we had that day.

During the last several months we have had so many encouraging letters and applications for volunteer mission service.  Many of our projects have been able to repair buildings and expand their outreach. True it has been hard losing some friends who are sensitive to political pressures from above. But mixed with occasional tears, are many joys at seeing God’s work go forward in an accelerated rate.

Our Battles of Faith evangelistic campaigns have expanded from Spanish to include English, and will shortly include French and other languages. The next one is scheduled in Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico from March 13-16.

As events unfold before our eyes this year, we will continue to better understand these events and their exact timing. Our Heavenly Father will never surprise those that are awake, watching and praying. May we seek unity among God’s people today. God will have one fold and one Shepherd. May the “wise virgins” today press together as we get ready to enter the marriage banquet.

“Dare to be a Daniel. Dare to stand alone.  Dare to have a purpose firm and dare to make it known.”

From the Frontlines,

Uncle David


Frontlines Mission News

 LIGHT Channel – Bulgaria

            God is opening amazing opportunities for
Light Channel – Bulgaria!

We’ve been broadcasting through the internet for the last 5 years, but we’ve always had the dream of reaching even more people in the country. Realizing we are a small team, and still not having had one studio for longer than a few months, we always thought it is too early for such a larger scale outreach, such as spreading the message though cable. On cable we would have the chance of reaching about 70% of the population of Bulgaria.

Small cooking demonstration part of the Addiction series – 2017. Is part of the program about Addictions, a small section of 10 minutes cooking demonstration. In this series, we had 3-4 parts – interview, testimony, asking people on the street and also cooking part – showing how to do smoothies and drinks that can help people fight with addictions.

Campmeetig “Growing in Christ” – 2018. With Joshua White as the Main Speaker of the event.

Like many of our sister projects, we started with streaming translated materials. Soon we tried to do some filming, but we realised, that things should be on a much more professional level. Soon one of our team members, Tsvetelina, our current production director, went through a media-missionary course. She came back in 2015, after a year of training, excited , saying: “We don’t need an enormous building for a studio. Smaller space can work out too!” But we had neither a studio, nor good equipment.

We though: “How can we film with just one, unprofessional camera?” Very soon, after we prayed, one of our volunteers decided to take a job abroad for a while, so that they can buy a camera. Someone was visiting at this time, and they decided to help us by selling an iPad they had, and giving us the money for a camera. Around the same time we got also a donation, though which the rest of the necessary equipment was bought, and we could finally film our first studio productions! God is so good! This was an amazing answer to our prayers! 

Series on Righteousness by Faith with Norbert Cristea – 2017

As for a studio, in the end of 2016 we had the chance to use a bigger room in a house, that was offered to us to be used from a non-SDA lady rent-free. Isn’t God having incredible ways to provide for our needs? We started with two health series: Addictions and Dealing with Chronic Diseases and one on the subject of Righteousness by Faith. We also filmed two Campmeetings: at the end of 2016 and in the summer of 2017. Around this time God provided for another donation, through which we could buy a professional video switcher and audio mixer. And all of this was answer to our prayers.

In September 2017, we had the chance of moving temporarily to a bigger building, where we set another studio, and continued with our health series. And by April 2018 we started filming a series of Bible Studies. We had a unique chance of filming three events, one of which was with uncle David in august 2018.

When uncle David visited us last summer, he strongly encouraged us to go forward with our plans for going on cable and applying for a license. That would mean that we need a full-time studio in a place, where the workers can live and work together, and ideally have also a garden, which would provide exercise and good, healthy food.

Now we are filming in the home of one of the families, who is actively involved in the project. It is a small home and the place suitable for filming is the kitchen – we are currently filming Cooking programs. But we are praying for having a new studio, where we can keep filming more programs, and where the team can work together – an outpost, that can serve its community and reach the country in as many ways as possible.

This is a 30 min cooking show – “With taste of health”  2018 – 2019 – For this program we have recorded more episodes this year that are in process of editing. 

From left to right: Tsvetelina, Karola, Dobri and Rosica Cholakovi. Our full time volunteer staff helping in various task as needed.  Tsvetelina does programing coordinator, camera operator, video and audio editor, translator and host. Karola is camera operator, video and audio editor, text editor. Dobri is the Chairman but also act as a camera operator, video and audio editor, voiceover person, and studio builder. Rosica does hosting, translator, camera operator, and audio editor.

These are Wilhelm and Rosica Erfurt. Wilhelm helps as a speaker, camera operator, and video editor.

We would really appreciate your prayers and support, as we venture into the next phase of our project.


  1. Finalizing the application process for a cable license.
  2. One more professional camera and tripod.
  3. Computer and software for broadcasting.
  4. A facility for a new studio and rooms/homes for the team and guests.
  5. Stipends, so that we can have more of our volunteers helping full-time.

From left to right Becky, Gergana and Boyan,Uncle David. Boyan is our graphic designer and also our video and audio editor and he and his wife Gergana also do the voiceover for the channel presentations.

Kristian Georgiev is our remote Computer Technician. He and his wife  Simeona and kids were former volunteers at GMI headquarters staff in Tennessee, US.

Web page: www.ltv.bg

Facebook: fb.me/LTVBulgaria

YouTube: Light Channel – Bulgaria

You can help Light Channel with your donation at:
Name: Sky Vision Multimedia Association
IBAN: BG59FINV91501215877380
or at Gospel Ministries Int. donation page: http://gospelministry.org/light-channel-bulgaria-2/

Dobri Cholakov
Chairman of Light Channel Bulgaria
Email: contact@ltv.bg
Phone: +359 876 998 104


New Volunteer Missionary

Rodney Brian Faccuse Maier

The Mamore river that divides Guayaramerin, Bolivia

I’m Rodney, from Los Charrúas, Entre Ríos, Argentina. I worked on several things in my country Argentina, and the last one was at my family business pizzeria. I am 23 years old and I want to tell you about my journey experience as a GMI missionary, to the Bolivian city of Guayaramerín, at the boarding school Richard Gates, an Industrial Technical Educational Unit.

What profit does man have from all his labor with which he labors under the sun? Ecclesiastes 1: 3.

I wanted to share this verse because it’s from my favorite book in the Bible and it described me before going to the mission. My experience traveling as a GMI volunteer was given in such a blessed and rewarding way … it really happened in my life as a shower of continuous blessings. The roads opened in unimaginable ways and I was able to travel to Bolivia, with the blessing of God, for 40 hours traveling from Rosario, Argentina, to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

Visit to the community, together with students from the Bakery class. In order to make bread with local residents.

My expectations of the mission field were super low. I was psychologically prepared for the worst! I know it is contrary to normal, given that I have met team mates who expected more from certain places at the time of arrival.

My case was different. I was willing to everything. However, when I arrived at UETIRG they placed me (almost during most of the year) in a house, living with another volunteer. We got quickly (I’m sure, by God’s grace, like everything), refrigerator, washing machine and kitchen stove. Later it was required to sleep in the boys’ dormitory, and I must say that, although I thought it would be difficult, in my mind I had never forgotten the purposes for which I left Argentina.

Making granola with students from the school, Rosario and Estefanía.

Landscape of Rurrenabaque

Regarding my performance, I must tell you that my work expectations were opposed to what I was given. In my GMI application I requested to travel to Colombia, or Dominican Republic; to work primarily as a biblical instructor, secondly as a photographer, agriculture, and, as the last option, a bakery-with a large NO to be a teacher. Why am I telling you this? Because the last option (from the list), was the one that I had to do (from my expectations based on the ignorance).

The director of the school, Rubén, called me to work in Bolivia, in charge of the Bakery of the institution and supporting the classroom as a teacher. I taught Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Psychology, Religion and plastic arts, mainly with sophomores of high school.

My students in the bakery class

Some of the students I taught enjoying a breat time.

How have I felt? First I’ll tell you how excellent it was. God’s hand power is so visible when you are willing to see it. In My life this first step in the service, has been extremely blessed!

While each experience is given in a subjective way in the life of each one of us, I firmly believe that God can work miracles in my life. That feeling has materialized in this year working as a volunteer.

I had an active, intense experience, doing everything I did not want.  I felt the love and affection of the students and the hugs and support of some co-workers, working directly with candidates to the Kingdom of Heaven. It was an opportunity to grow in Christ Jesus.

In addition, that I completed the school year and in February of this 2019 I am returning to the mission field. It has been of so much personal benefit, of utility for the service, I want from the heart to continue serving the Lord.

 Institutional photo of UETIRG, in the school dining room.

Traveling for the patriotic parade in Bolivia. It’s fun as you travel in a van truck.

The situation in my family, like that of many missionaries, is not the best. Many of us face many problems, especially because Satan does not want us to go to work for God, mainly for two reasons. The first is that his main purpose is that you and I get lost, and in the mission is less possible for that to happen! When you work directly for God, you cling to his hand to work every day, and in that way you can know our Creator better, you connect with Him and thus fulfill the specific function. And, on the other hand, only by the power and grace of God, you are used to bless other people.

For these reasons it is obvious that the enemy does not want us to go to work in the mission, but that is where I found myself and where I discovered that I can be useful. In this way, it is obvious that I do not imagine myself outside the mission field. This year 2019, my plan is to return to work at the ADVenir Network channel, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

God bless you richly, and let’s not stop praying for missions like these, which are God’s instruments to change, in one way or another, the lives of many.


EMAIL: brianfaccuse@gmail.com Facebook@brianfaccuse


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