Update On Typhoon Haiyan Recovery Work

Dear Friends,

As we speak, the weather on the areas affected by STY Haiyan are now under a “Tropical Easterly Wave”.

It is very bothering that people with nothing are exposed to yesterdays heat and now rain for the next 24 hours.

We were able to get 8 rolls of laminated sack cloth (that will serve as temporary shelter and hope that no strong winds will blow them away) yesterday. 4M x 100M roll costs PhP 5,200 per roll.  It breaks our hearts that traders are taking advantage of the calamity and are raising prices as well as creating an artificial shortage.

We will try to buy as much as we can and will try to source from manila or cebu where these are possibly manufactured.

We now have to cut them up 4M x 5M and try to get them to the most affected asap. We as well will be printing “from your friends the Seventh-day Adventists” on these temporary tent materials.

The distribution will be drops by plane where we can coordinate with the village leaders as we have been advised by the military and the DSWD not to do any drops in the mountains without them as we can create a war.

Other distribution will be by land and we hope to get them on the ground this Sabbath or latest Sunday & Monday.

Please help pray for the weather to improve and that we can produce video updates for the medical mission that is on going being headed by Wendy Harris with PAMAS & HCBN volunteers working with the local church members and leaders.

Yesterday they had a late start but with such a small team they were able to treat 200 sick. This Sabbath they will dedicate 1 hour for worship and the rest for the medical mission. We are praying for more doctors to arrive that Dwayne will be flying in from Manila. Arrangements are being made with church leaders and members of Sigma and Cuartero, municipalities that had also direct hit of the STY Haiyan.

Please pray for the:

  1. Holy spirit to be with each one of the victims as they go thru this time of hardship
  2. More tents and funds to be available
  3. Sustenance of the relief workers
  4. God’s wisdom on wise use of resources and logisitics
  5. More willing doctors and medical relief volunteers
  6. Rains to lift from affected areas as it just make life for the survivors miserable and can cause more people to get sick
  7. Please have special prayers for Tacloban, as this has been the center of occult and spiritualism in the Philippines, and that explains the strange behavior of survivors their as they live like animals now. The only way that military can control them is by shooting them. Warning shots from M16 rifles do not stop them from looting. Even the convoys of military trucks are being climbed on to even while running.

Thanks for all the prayers and help!  We will try our best to keep you updated. God is working and moving, hopefully we an keep up, the opportunity is great!


Boyz Jamandre, HCBN Philippines

He’s Coming Broadcasting Network,
88, Rizal Street, La Paz, Iloilo City, Philippines, 5000


Further information…

Dear Pr. David,

Wendy and the composite team of PAMAS, HCBN, Culasi Roxas City church have successfully finished a 2 day medical mission.

We now have a good idea of how it should be operated:

  • Team leader – knows all procedures and has experience of many medical missions
  • Coordinator – interprets between foreign team leader and local church leadership
  • Local church leaders and members
  • Armg volunteers if rescue operations are needed

On the logistics we need:

  • Medicines and vaccines
  • Water & food
  • Land transport for the area
  • Places to sleep, eat, bathe
  • Generator set with fuel or solar power to charge communication equipment, run water pump, lights and other utilities
  • Media team for documentation
  • Funds for all the needs of fuel, supplies & medicines
  • Bibles and tracts for give-aways
  • Bible workers that can counsel

It is a big advantage to have electricity as it attracts the community to the church so we should host nightly meetings to pray for individual prayer concerns.

There are more than 18 sites that I have identified that can use medical missions asap. The need is still great even with the Canadian army, US army, British army bringing in hospitals, choppers, etc.

There are still many neglected and shelter is a prime concern as more than 330,000 are homeless.

80% of relief goods are food items , so shelter is now a priority.

How to get people their livelihood back is the problem.

We are praying that relief funds and operations will be made available soon!

We hope to transfer Wendy and the team to another location this week. We are finalizing the list of volunteers of armg as well as their chapters and skills that the individual members have been trained for. We are also looking into using sulads to be deployed in all communities that need rebuilding.

Look forward for all the help that you can send over.


Thank you and God bless!

Boyz Jamandre


P.s. We plan to use the single engine airplane to drop tents to mountain villages as it has been raining on and off!







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