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Paruima Mission Update

We have been in Paruima for almost two weeks now. I don’t think that we have taken as many pictures as we probably should have. Things aren’t quite routine yet though; quite the contrary.

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Night Flight Medivac

The plan for the day was pretty simple in principle… Pick up a load of cement and food for the Paramakatoi church project, and 10 gallons of gas for the Chenapau chainsaws, load up the airplane, and fly 3 1/2 hours to deliver both.

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MOVE Training School

Welcome We are a school more than anything, but a school that is out of the norm. We could better call the school a center of mobilization for missionaries or a center of connections for projects. The truth is, that we are the three in one. MOVE specializes in connecting people with different missions, training…

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Flying in the Face of the Storm

It was a very long day… I had been up at 3:50am so that I could do a “double” trip into Paruima. It had been a scorcher of a day, and to add insult to injury, my rear seat had given me no end of grief when I tried to reinstall it after the first trip.

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MOVE Newsletter – September 2012

Jeff had been looking for land in
Belize since September of 2010.
Finally, in January of 2012, he
found and purchased a property to
start building the mission training
school. With much work, prayers,
and support of friends and family we
were able to get a container ready to
send down with equipment: steel
(for building houses) and school

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