Monthly Archives: October 2012

Paruima Mission Update

We have been in Paruima for almost two weeks now. I don’t think that we have taken as many pictures as we probably should have.

Siparuta Mission Academy October Newsletter

As we progress to the second month of the school year, we con testify to the goodness of the Lord.

First Believers Baptized in Mayoyao!

This last August a bigger team of trained young-adult volunteers were brought in to Mayoyao to prepare for the evangelistic meetings which….

Colporteuring Testimony from Bolivia

On September 25, 2012, Steve, Ivan, Jeremy and I from the Red Advenir TV Network planned to meet on a certain street….

Night Flight Medivac

The plan for the day was pretty simple in principle…

Frontline Mission Report – October 2012 Newsletter

 Frontline Mission Report – October 2012 Newsletter – PDF (2,174 kb)

Sermon: Who Am I? – Jeff Sutton

Watch Jeff Sutton’s 3-Part series on what it takes to be a missionary.

Flying in the Face of the Storm

It was a very long day… I had been up at 3:50am so that I could do a “double” trip into Paruima.

MOVE Newsletter – September 2012

Jeff had been looking for land in Belize since September of 2010.