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Grenada Family Network Feb 2014 Newsletter

Grenada Family Network (GFN) sent out a request for help in January and is happy to announce that
support is growing! Locally, several people have given donations, a couple of people committed to give $20
or $25 a month, one church committed to give a monthly amount…

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Firstlight Broadcasting Newsletter from New Zealand

It is hard to believe that by the time you read this brief update, February 2014 will be quickly coming to a close! The board of Firstlight would like to thank you all for your faithfulness, sacrifices and support in prayer and donations.

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Familia Feliz – Winter 2014 Update

Most people like the rain; the moisture of rejuvenated landscapes, the scent that emerges when the liquid mingles with dry earth. Rain, the majority of the time, is considered a blessing. Except, of course, when torrential downpour provokes landslides in the mountainous Beni district of Bolivia.

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Bolivia Adventist Missions – Winter 2014 Update

Scott and I have been back in Bolivia since the 26th of December. As I (Min) write, it is raining “cats and dogs”. I am under our mosquito net with a twitching 9 day old puppy on my belly that keeps sliding off…. and the laptop on my lap.

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Africa Aviation Ministry: Solar mp3 Player Stories

This year we have a more focused vision to do a lot of Bible training in this region of Chad. We plan to conduct various short (2-3 week?) training sessions in different villages. In addition to this, we plan to distribute solar mp3 players with Scripture and other material, and we hope to set up a small printing operation.

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